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  1. For the fun of it . . . Here is a sequence that as anglers you might like. I was fishing on a friends boat as a guest, we had a group of guys who had chartered the boat for the day to go Tope fishing in June 2006. It was to be my last feature article for the fishing magazine media. For those that are not sure, Tope is a shark, teeth and all!!! native to UK waters, rod caught record is about 80 something pounds, 82lbs I think. Bigger have been taken in the past couple of years but were released . . . 90 something? These pictures were taken by John Hanks on his mobile phone . . . i
  2. Hi Mick, I think your post says it all, you are so enthusiastic about the way you are going. Personally, I am equally 'unenthusiastic' from my point of view. I dont want to be condescending, if thats how you see my comments, I apologise? . . . but I do need, and am entitled to express, why I dont like something with equal enthusiasm HDR, PhotoShoping, Strobe, Computer Art, etc., yep, they are all here and here to stay, you like it, you go for it mate. I'm a simple soul, and getting on a bit these days so there is lots about the 'old ways' I like as much as you young'uns like modern
  3. Keith, dont you worry about the camera, Janets winning picture this month was taken with a modest Sam-sung compact, top result. I have often used a Canon Compact to good effect and a number of regular posters use compacts. The main fact for the comp., the picture must be current, taken in the month of the competition. But pictures of interest posted on threads can be any age. SW
  4. 'Image', thats the word Steve, 'Computer Art Image', perfect description. Its great, if you like that sort of thing, but does it last in the mind . . . ? SW
  5. As you say mate, all down to personal taste, to that end, its how I see things in my mind . . . I have my feet firmly 99.9% in the 'old farts' natural look camp . . . but you have your style and "direction", go for it, there are artist who were poo-hoed, these days their work fetches millions. I will never be a millionaire thats for sure SW
  6. All been said, just mark the topic 'AN Photo Competition, May 09', the regulars know where and how, but it helps the casual interest. Nothing wrong with the occasional register, we all do it on all sorts of Webb issues, fleeBay is classic! As for help Steve, my name has been mentioned as has been the expressions 'time poor' and 10-12 hour working a day. . . Thats besides my poor grasp of computer button pressing due to not being the sharpest knife in the draw in some areas. I'm a follower . . . even have to be dragged kicking and screaming sometimes, no,no,no. SW
  7. Have not been a fan of HDR, but the 'Cave' and particularly 'Boathouse' I like very much. Its has to be said, the examples that are shown by Hellbelly, for me, have the hint of a 'pastals artist drawing' the way highlights are applied in such a medium? Leaving me with a slightly flat, 2 dimensional, drawn 3D, all most comic strip image in my mind? . . . Mmm I have said it before, 'computer artistry', love it or hate it. I tell you what, it don't matter a fig if its commercially salable, go fill the boots SW
  8. You know 'Jedibond' those first two pictures would not look out of place in the 'AN Photographic' section, in the monthly competition even!!! Why not drop down and have a look in . . . SW
  9. ISO is about the sensitivity of the 'film' or in modern digital terms sensitivity of the sensor that now replaces the film. Low ISO = less grain on film, in digital talk thats 'noise', you will have seen the examples in camera reviews, when the talk about and show how increasing ISO increases noise and how well noise is controlled by a particular camera as ISO increases. The higher the ISO the lower the light levels a picture can be take in before flash is required or you give up So you get better sensitivity with highers ISO figures at the cost of increased 'noise' or in old terms 'grain'
  10. This is a thread worth looking at in the 'AN course fishing forum'. I am impressed with the quality of some of the phone camera pictures I have seen, a couple by 'jedibond' are really note worthy. Not for the purist . . . ? but we ain't purists are we! I've said it before, let us all see what you are about . . . great stuff, camera in the pocket all the time http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/camera-...s-t1529416.html SW
  11. Westie, sorry to hear you are not 100%, explains why have not see much of you recently. Look forward to seeing more of your valued input soon, which means you will be on the mend I understand the F8-F11 setting on lenses, but it was when I started to combine F8 with ISO200 on the Nikon 18-200VR super zoom, thats when I started to notice every thing coming together consistently well. As I have said previously, super zooms have long been put down for their compromise in performance. Pixel peepers will always find something to criticise, thats what makes them happy But as a hobbyist pho
  12. A Virgin customer for many years, I have just had my download rate changed from 2Mb to 10Mb . . . They increased the monthly rate by £2, knocked of a pound for email billing and gave me the higher down load. A bit side ways I suppose to grab another quid, but my computer screen is really JUMPING now . . . OK, a fair trade? SW
  13. Mmm, if its made you feel queasy Janet . . . perhaps it has achieved the objective, 'you are at sea?' . . . "Ooooo, a life on the ocean waves . . . . . " 'Hair shirts' in my book are more into the 'everything manual', use either prime or best quality professional zoom lenses, do things the hard way and big bucks . . . ££££££? I wish. They seem to be quite happy after promoting the 'old fashioned', retro, 'steam operated' way? They are then quite happy to dive into all sorts of modern skulduggery in PhotoShop . . . isn't that a double standard? I'm happy to get the settings right in t
  14. I have two tripods and a mono pod. The first one I ever bought is very much on a parr with the one you have Janet, great for compacts and modern light DSLR's with a standard lens. These days one has a Manfroto 55, support the world! it will, but heavy . . . !!! I also have a Manfroto Mono pod, great general purpose mobile compromise, but for long exposures it has to be the full Tripod. Looked at the carbon fiber tripods, expensive and not as light as one would think, its the head, thats still heavy. Pity some one does not make a 'walking/hiking stick', carbon fiber mono pod, that would
  15. I've had my suspicions for a few weeks, that there is an ideal . . . perfect . . . general setting on my Nikon D80/18-200VR combination? also seems to extend to the Sigma 10-20 as well? Been hosing around recently with gay abandon, having found the pleasures of 'Center Weighted metering', histogram confirmation and colour curve adjustment. With the superb weather, I started to play with ISO settings, ISO200 in good light seems to promote F8-F11 aperture and a shutter speed from 125th up to 500th. Thats set on 'Auto P', fixing the aperture at say F8 for general walk about photography
  16. When I first joined the AN Photography section . . . . XXX years ago, afraid the memory fails me on dates, however, there was a good nucleus of experienced photographers, plus plenty of would be photographers with questions. We had our ups and downs, but things went on swimmingly, a few members went and were replaced by new blood. As an Angling based forum, the od fishy picture appeared, lots of wild life and waterscapes, as well as the more usual efforts from enthusiastic amateurs. Encouragement was dolled by the ladle full, along with help and loads of banter. Steve Randles handed on
  17. It certainly makes sense Janet, whether one can get that enthusiastic??? Time, creativity, the real world, as you say, an ordinary picture . . . Ordinary pictures can be boring, the real world is boring . . . I live in the real world ............ whew, does that make any sense? I accept life as boring with punctuation marks!!! Down hill all the way . . . ???? SW
  18. Complete flook Janet, had the original in 'Levels' I slid the left hand and centre slider to far to the right, thought that looks interesting, see what happens? . . . kept sliding, "simple's . . . " Got some Hawthorn and Cowslips today, classic session on my way round the lanes, 50 mile trip to Cambridge, only a parcel on board going to Addenbrookes Hospital, no pressure, know the road well, watched as I passed known vantage points, found a rape field on the side of a hill, parcels are great, they don't complain . . . watch this space? SW
  19. No bluebell woods, but I found some daisies today . . . SW
  20. Hay Janet, hear what you say, if I try to level it up you loos so much of the photo? Might have another look later? Off to my boat now, see if we can catch a few early season bass on the new flood tide that starts at 3pm? Note, on the original I had cropped that bit in the corner out. Hard to make much more of the standard picture with out a full fish eye lens or change my initials to 'JC' and walk on water I suspect there is a cleaver way to straighten the horizon??? but I have no idea how? Good case for an excuse to go out on another fishing trip to re shoot SW
  21. Well now . . . I have been and surprised myself!!! I've been playing 'silly buggers' mid morning, not touched a drop of the hard stuff . . . looking at the sailing. Then I came on these two, total by chance the shot was taken at an angle, the camera was playing up!!! actualy finger trouble But the result was the shots leaning over, I think they get a sence of speed with the mast over like that, despite the horizon falling of the picture as well? However, the picture as was, was still bland, spice it up with a little adjustment in 'colour curves', down hill from there . . . one o
  22. As this is essentially an angling site with Photography tagged on these days? I thought this report, that I put up on another sea angling site, of which I am a member, might be of interest? Obviously the pictures element is for this site. Taken within the confines of the boat Harmony, I used the wide angle of my 18-200VR for the cod picture and the 10mm focal length of my Sigma 10-20, for the sailing shot, which I thought, in view of circumstances and wanting a picture under sail for the owner, turned out well enough? It also follows on from an earlier thread; I am using 'Center Weight'
  23. I certainly am Janet, you know me, anything goes, sign of spring approaching . . . yes, mmm and a sign that I'm a rubbish gardener, I have a great crop in the law this year . . . another sign; the lawn now needs mowing every week!!! 4.30am! . . . there is only one reason to be up and awake this early, off to catch some late season cod, keep the fingers crossed for an early bass . . . try to get some thing more than snapshots to post for the days efforts? . . . "watch out you coood" shhhhhhh!!! SW
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