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  1. cobra

    grass carp

    sounds a good plan ill let you know how it goes
  2. cobra

    grass carp

    hi thanksi will give them a try
  3. cobra


    i have been trying to locate and fish for eels in my area when i was young i used to fish for them and they would be everywhere now their nowwhere i enjoy taking my kids fishing and we try for different species and my kids have never seen an eel let alone caught one i live just outside Daventry Northants and have tried various places near where i live but had no luck so please is there anyone out there that can help with a location and possibly a method at a place where we can have a better than averagechance of getting one.
  4. hi does anyone know anywhere in the Daventry area that stocks grass carp and what method works for them as i have never caught one and would like to thanks
  5. hi i am going to give fly fishing a go and have booked a day course at pitsford res in august but was wondering if there is any venues other than resevoirs local to northamptonshire and what beginners kits i should go for
  6. i am fishing a local venue that has somme cat fish next weekend i have not targeted cats specifically in the past as was just wondering if any of you have any tips or/and methods which would give me a fighting chance i will be fishing a 36 hour session thanks
  7. went to the millpool yesterday and fished overnight and managed to knock cat fish of the list only a small one but i dont care so still need the others so guys please keep your ears to the floor and let me know if you hear of places where they are coming out.
  8. yes it is a challenge and im enjoying it we used to do an anual works match but as there is alot of shift workers at our place it became almost impossible to everyone there at the same time so we came up with this based on the tv rod race it lasts a year and encourages everyone to go for all species rather than just carp which is why im enjoying it so much but have reached a bit of a brick wall hence me asking on here thanks for the help ill check the venues out .
  9. is there any stretch you recomend near to northampton or rugby area
  10. my works have a species race tournament each year and i need help to find where locally i can catch each one on a day ticket i have been doing quite well but need help with locations and tactics so if anyone knows where i can get these on a day ticket i would be very very gratefull:- eel grass carp wild carp cat fish rudd ruff stickleback loach bullhead brown trout rainbow trout grayling i live near northampton/ rugby area and need to catch soon so hopefully you guys can help i know some of them are small critters but i cant seem to find them i also needmethods of which to c
  11. sometimes shortening the hooklength can help try going down to about 6 inches
  12. i am looking to buy a short session bivvy and have been recomended force 8 or chub snooper can anyone give me any info
  13. hi colud anyone give some tips and methods for ravenstone great ouze and emberton park great ouze, as i have no experiance of river fishing and i would like to catch river species eg chub ,barble etc
  14. ok sorry i will be using pva bags at medium range hopefully for specimen size carp 25lb upwards , want to get to bigs sizes my pb is 23 1/2 lb would be great to get better maybe go to bluebell and try to get a 30-40lb
  15. hi i have some zero 360 2/5 tc rods and im looking into do some specimen carp fishing and was wondering what rods to upgrade to without spending over the top so if anyone has any advice make and model and reasons why etc id be gratefull-cobra
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