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  1. A new evening event has now been scheduled for our (not for profit) festival – a 'Gamefishers’ Evening' with guest speakers, along with two evening fly fishing competitions with prizes and cups at Bessy Beck Trout Fishery, Tebay. Wed 20th May – A ‘Gamefishers Evening’ in Penrith will involve presentations from Stuart Broadhurst (A Fly for All Seasons), Jeremy Lucas (Eden vs. the Best of Europe – does our local river cut it among Europe’s finest river fisheries?’) and Ally Gowans ‘A salmon fly fishers year’. Q&A session to follow. 7-9pm. Admission £3 on the door. And there's a bar!
  2. How true about access! The biggest problem with the Western lakes is parking, and if there were enough folk interested in float tubing or kayaking it might be possible to negotiate a bit of extra parking in the Crummock/Buttermere valleys. I know Crummock has pike, but in May I'm more of a trout fisher. How big have you had them from Crummock?
  3. I would have liked to include an event in or Cumbrian festival of fishing that would be of interest to kayakers and float tubers. Are there any folk who might be interested in paddling with oar or feet in the Cumbria lakes in mid-May? It would be very interesting to see what Buttermere, Crummock Water and Loweswater might throw up to fly fishers, and pike fishers. I doubt they've ever been fished by tube, or kayak, tho I may be wrong.
  4. Yes Alan. Will call you later. Sorry, but Lee has changed his brownie hunting days to Thursday and Friday during festival week.
  5. I like to think that I know a fair bit about the fishing in Cumbria but I was gobsmacked the other day to discover that there is a 200 acre lake on the sea-front near Millom, which is so rich in its feeding that it has been producing grown-on brown trout (from fingerlings) that have reached 8lbs. Even bigger are expected! Fishing on Hodbarrow Lagoon is controlled by Cumbrian instructor/guide Lee Cummings (AAPGAI) who has come up with another reason to visit Cumbria’s ‘Wild West’ – to catch a monster brownie on fly. But this won’t involve ‘fly fishing for trout’ as we usually know it. You’
  6. I’m delighted by a new addition to our programme. Cumbrian guide and instructor Lee Cummings AAPGAI will host two day-long events pursuing mullet on the fly on the Cumbrian coast. I would have thought this to very early in the year for these ‘british bonefish’, but no. Lee assures me that there will be fish around. Better still the average size is expected to be between 7and 8 lbs. There are only 5 places available on each day. Go to www.gofishinglakedistrict.co.uk click on Events for Monday and Tuesday for Lee’s contact details, cost etc.
  7. I'm well thank you, Alan. And the better for getting this put together! How's yourself? Still down the road, as it were? If you've my old phone number give me a call sometime. I'll look for yours in the meantime.
  8. At long last we’re ready to roll with this. Please check out the website at http://www.gofishinglakedistrict.co.uk and get yourselves up here! And should anyone doubt our claims about the wonderful fishing we have in Cumbria, they might like to watch this http://www.yearofadventure.tv/play.asp?Title=Fishing More in due course.
  9. You aren't the first person to ask. The EA are fine about it. BUT I'm keen to encourage lure/fly fishing only at this time of year. Seems that the post-spawning feed-up creates some very hungry fish, and that deep hooking can readily occur if deadbaits are used. The water temperatures in mid-May will not be as high as in midsummer, when the fish can experience stress if played in water with a low-oxygen content.
  10. Anglers from around the UK are invited to visit and sample the fishing that Cumbria has to offer, for a week in mid-May next year. Cumbria Tourism, the Environment Agency, the county’s biggest angling club (Windermere, Ambleside and District AA), and myself, have been exploring what we could do to flag up the county’s angling resource and get people up here to sample it. In mid-May trout fishing should be approaching its peak, but we’ve also got a lot of pike that will be piling on weight after spawning, so flyfishers for trout (and pike) and lure anglers after pike will be our main targe
  11. Here's a thought; I bet otters love to eat crayfish, and I bet otters are thriving in a system like the Eden. Has the EA considered that the re-introduction of this predator might just end up with them predating on the remaining white-clawed crayfish stocks?
  12. North-West Fly Fishing Festival, Stocks Reservoir, Lancashire. Sunday, August 17th. Free entry, from 10am. Ben Dobson and his team at Stocks Reservoir in Lancashire are to host the second North-West Fly Fishing Festival on Sunday 17th August, from 10am onwards. As well as offering a chance to meet some of the top names of the sport, there will be casting and fishing demonstrations to watch, competitions to take part in, and new tackle to try out. It should also provide an opportunity for a bit of a get-together for those of us who no longer meet up at Chatsworth, or the John Norris event
  13. Lancashire ‘Festival of Fly Fishing’ to be held at Stocks Reservoir Tues 8th May, 10am-4pm Stocks Reservoir Fly Fishery is to host a one-day ‘Festival of Fly Fishing’ between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday 8th May 2007. The free-to-enter event at Lancashire’s largest stillwater trout fishery (near Slaidburn, Lancashire) is to feature two world class fly fishing acts from the USA who will be visiting the UK. Jerry Siem the US casting expert responsible for developing and designing some of the world’s most sought-after rods for fly fishing, for the american Sage brand, will be demonstrating
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