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  1. When I'm using that particular mix I can't seem to even get the rod set up before it's going off on a run again.
  2. I recently caught over 15 Bream on a 10mm Source Boilie on the method feeder. I'll admit that they were all hybrids and non weighed over 3Ib, but I also caught a couple of Carp, including a Koi and a nice Tench. So it seemed that my little mixture was liked by all. I use Marine halibut groundbait and 3mm pellet, with some hempseed and a hand full of the boilies and then mix in some mainline halibut syrup. Make the mixture quite damp so that it will mould around the feeder and not fall apart in the water. Everytime I've used it the fish have gone mad for it.
  3. I've had absolutely no joy with strawberry boilies or strawberry anything for that matter. Currently using source boilies which the Carp seem to love, along with a method feeder of Marine halibut groundbait and pellet, with hempseed and some of the boilies and a little mainline halibut syrup which always seems to lead to a feeding frenzie whenever i use that combination.
  4. One of the more experienced anglers that I go fishing with from work. I told him about the conditions and he said it sounded like it was under oxygenated. The fish were feeding well, but they were gasping alot when I got them in and they were very slimey, even the Carp. I know Bream are quite slimey, but I've never come across a slimey Carp, at least not as slimey as these were. Plus the bankside was in poor condition and it was covered in litter and old line that had just been thrown aside. All in all a poor lake. The reason I mention it is that I've caught 4Ib carp at other lakes wh
  5. I recently payed a trip to a gravel pit in Essex, my first impressions weren't that good, it was badly maintained and it was obvious that at least some of the other anglers who had previously visited had no concern for keeping the place tidy, there was rubbish everywhere, but I thought I'd give it a go. I started catching almost straight away, all Bream hybrids 1 - 2 Ibs at the most and not really putting up much of a fight either, which is not unusually for lake Bream, but then I caught a 4Ib Carp and that didn't fight either, which I thought was strange, then came the 13Ib Carp, which to
  6. I was on Kettles lake and the fishery is about 10 miles east of Tunbridge Wells. I was using the method feeder, which the website suggests for that lake.
  7. Even though I got soaking wet and covered head to toe in mud, I had a fantastic days Carp fishing at Elphicks fishery yesterday. I got a good mixed bag of Carp species (mirror, common and ghost) between 2 & 7Ib, with my biggest catch being a 12Ib mirror, which is my biggest to date and what great fighters they all were, even the little 2 pounders. In the end I must have been looking at a 40Ib bag and I had the smaller catch out of the three of us that went there. All in all a great days fishing. Elphicks fisheries
  8. Lots of different methods here. I might give them all a go and I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks
  9. I finally got around to buying some dog biscuits as the next venue I'm going off to is supposed to do well off the top, but how do I prepare these dog biscuits. I bought the pedigree mixer biscuits.
  10. I've been using the cage feeder for my Carp fishing and have been doing quite well, but I could do better. I've been setting it up with the cage feeder running loose on the mainline, a bullet bead protecting the swival and a 12 inch hooklength. The issue I have is that I've seen so many different sizes of hooklength, with some at only 6 inches and some at what looks like 2 feet and I was wondering which is the better length?
  11. I've actually moved up a notch or two and am using 10Ib braid hook length and a 15Ib mainline and I actually use the feeder. Thanks for the advise though.
  12. I recently caught a couple of Bream on a small fishmeal boilie, so I would agree, give them a try. I did recently watch a Matt Hayes programme and Eels like worm, so I would keep away from them.
  13. What is your favouriet method of fishing and which of the many species is your favouriet to catch? I tend to use the the cage feeder with pellet, caster, maggot or boilie on the hook. I do like taking them straight off the surface though, don't get much of a chnce to use this method though as quite a lot of fisheries have banned it, using just a bit of bread crust. I've gotta say that most Carp are great fighters, even the smaller ones and my favourite would be the common Carp, it has beautiful scales and just looks great.
  14. I'm off to a new fishery this month, 'Elphicks Fishery' in Kent, not far from Tonbridge Wells. I'll be fishing for Ghost Carp and some other species, I was going to start off with cage feeder in the morning with one of my own crushed pellet boilies and then move to float fishing the margins in the afternoon. I see from the website that they suggest surface fishing for the Carp. The question is:Has anyone fished Elphicks? Are there any other recomendations for fishing Ghost Carp? And just one other off the top of my head: What is the best attractent to soak my dog biscuits in?
  15. I do prefer to hand role as well, but if you really want a table, why not try out ebay. I've bought quite a lot of items from there and if you look hard enough you'll get a bargain.
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