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  1. All the best from Peggy and me, Elton. We'll be thinking of you.
  2. Great to see you back, Dales, and on the mend after what must have been a difficult time.
  3. That video compared 20lb braid vs 20lb mono. I suspect the result might be very different if the comparison were between braid and mono of the same diameter. Anyone got time to do a Google search?
  4. Cheers, Dave. Hope to see you both soon.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and kind words. Steve and Peggy
  6. Unfortunately the owner has now instructed me to just patch the roof at minimal cost. We'll be getting the roofers amongst the members to advise us how to proceed.
  7. Rod Hutchinson. A true pioneer carp angler and excellent writer.
  8. Glad you're OK. Look forward to hearing about your catches soon.
  9. What awful news! Peggy and I met Nick just once when he made a very long journey from the other end of Scotland just to attend the Wingham Fish-In. Although Newt and Jan came from the States, nobody from the UK has come as far. Out thoughts go out to his family and friends on this sad occasion. RIP Nick.
  10. I've been delaying posting this as I'd still be hoping that the Fish-In would go ahead as planned next month. However the roof of the clubhouse has collapsed and, instead of patching it again, we've got to have the whole roof replaced. Unfortunately we won't be able to get this done until after the planned date of the Fish-In. I'm sorry that it's less than a month's notice but we'd be hoping we'd be able to get the work finished in time but this can't be guaranteed. Hopefully we'll be able to go ahead once the roof is replaced and I'll post dates as soon as possible.
  11. This occurs every Spring at Wingham. What seems to happen is the previous year's weed dies off and decomposes on the bottom. In doing so it gives off gases that are trapped underneath the dead weed. As the water temperature rises the gas expands and forces what remains of the weed up to the surface. At Wingham it normally occurs at about 8 to 9C (46 to 48F). It's a sign that Spring is on the way and shortly after the fishing much improves for species like carp and tench. This year "the bottom coming up" as it's generally called started just before last week's snow, which was particula
  12. The freezing rain I mentioned earlier has now changed to snow. There's no way we're crossing the icy patio to feed the birds. Luckily we'd refilled the feeders before the freezing rain arrived and put out food for the ground feeders. Now we're simply throwing crumbled up fat balls out of the window. Yesterday we watched our top dog male blackbird trying to not only drive off both males and females of his own species but also redwings and fieldfares.
  13. We've had freezing rain here this morning and the garden path is like a skating rink! So we're staying safe indoors. More snow is forecast this afternoon followed by a thaw starting overnight.
  14. www.meteox.com not only has rainfall radar but also shows snowfall. It also forecasts which way the rain is going to move in 5 minute intervals up to 3 hours ahead.
  15. I forgot to mention we've had no post since Saturday and the local Boots pharmacy is refusing to deliver a prescription to my 85 year old housebound neighbour. I picked it up from Boots this afternoon We should be having lots of post this week as members' subs are due by today. Royal Mail apparently said they attempted delivery of a Special Delivery letter. How come we weren't carded though? And how come there were no footprints on the drive? To their credit the ever reliable UK Mail courier has just picked up a parcel.
  16. We had another 2 inches overnight but some high parts of Kent had already had up to a foot by yesterday. The biggest problem here though is drifting. Unusually the lying snow is very dry and is being driven by the wind across open fields. I went over to Wingham this morning and visibility for almost half a mile was just a few feet! Tomorrow the wind is forecast to be even stronger, whilst on Friday afternoon there's more general snow expected. Terry and I are going to have to go to Wingham on Friday morning to deal with any fallen trees. Terry will then stay over to check animal
  17. 3 inches of snow overnight and a little more this morning near Wingham in East Kent. A sunny afternoon has meant that over half of it has melted. Cloudy now though with a few flakes.
  18. Good to hear from you again, Si. Full details on the website www.winghamfisheries.co.uk
  19. Welcome back guys! Hopefully we can get some more fishing topics going. Anderoo joined me for a nice day lure fishing at Wingham recently.
  20. Cold and mainly sunny in East Kent. Lovely clear night just now. Even more sun forecast for tomorrow.
  21. I'm still here but rarely post these days as there are few topics that interest me. Unfortunately even some of the fishing topics turn to politics and these turn me off. In fact we now have more politics posts with a few fishing ones rather than the other way round as we used to. It might be a good idea for someone with more time than me to resurrect some of the old fishing topics.
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