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  1. hi. i'd go for total carp.i've seen it a couple of times and it looks ok.i know a couple of guys from the mag and they are top blokes.jigga boo?
  2. ok cheers,thanks for your help
  3. hi. 'specials' as in special crab?cheers
  4. hope so going to order soon.cheers
  5. going to order the spice ones. cheers
  6. hi any one used quest baits or know any one who has?
  7. nothing to do with the post but your message at the foot of your page is funny.nice one.
  8. had a great days fishing today.caught 2 minnows and put them in a jam jar. i caught them on a peice of cane ,cotton and a bent pin.
  9. the ban also covers marker floats because of the disturbance they make.
  10. yeah sorry its me being soft.seen it in the tackle shop and thought it might be just the job to get a good bed of bait down without the spod.cheers
  11. hi any one used pva binder?a water i fish has banned spoding so i thought this might do for ground bait or pellets.what do you think?cheers
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