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  1. ohhh thats a handy link cheers
  2. were voting for council and Scottish Parliment(haha thats a joke),this area is generally thought of as a safe Labour seat,well was until 4yr ago when the Labour sat on there fat ****es and waited for result and got a bigg shock,for the first time i voted for Lib-Dems and they won the council...........and bloody shut my wife`s work,after 20yrs service laid-off within a matter of a cpl months ,so this voting time i sit and wait for the Lib-Dem to come knocking at my door but he hasnt arrived yet(still one day to go to get the barsteward lol)in 16yrs at this address sunday was the first time a candidate knocked on my door and it was my Labour man lol did i have fun reminding him of 4 yr ago lol,hell im getting nasty as i get older lol
  3. had to leave for work just as first half of extra time started............hate my job
  4. anybody know of a UK version
  5. Corgi is a bad word in my house lol every year for the past 3yrs i have been adviced that my ventilation is inadequate according to Corgi............only lived here for 16yrs and had boiler(warm air)serviced by BG since entry and we have never experienced any probs so how do they justify that its inadequate,tell u why and the same applies with a condensing boiler,plumbers and central heating fitters have to be registered with Corgi and pass their tests and apparently its not cheap so they make up all these cans and can`ts so you get a Corgi registered cowboy out,so he can make up his lost money that he paid to Corgi.........simple
  6. i use kids play sand in my small axolotl tank looks far nicer than gravel
  7. yep thats the place do to start off with lol
  8. 9/10 they are banned from those countries lol
  9. cheers for welcome guys
  10. though of changing my fan cpl times but always something else needs doing first lol
  11. boys got a rod n reel + bits and bobs for £35,the actual kit they got was £45 but cause they didnt have £35 lot,so got next lot up i got a 7ft ron thompson rod and a spinner reel,got to start of with basics lol,since then been back up and got a few other things,got a pair of waders half price,mrs killed herself laughing watching me try them on lol,not fished yet but hopefully get the boys up to Ardgowan @ Loch Thom within next cpl weeks depending how much it gonna cost me to fix me disco
  12. well my big tank is around 5ft long and i can assure u its bloody heavy,for someone to put a 2mt tank into a wall is asking for some big repair bills,ok hes got a feeding trap but how is he going to clean the inside of the tank,bearing in mind that bathroom lighting can be strong,lights left on and fluctuation temps will lead to algae growth at an alarming rate,well i would reccommend he gets a small tank first (around 2ft) as a learning guide with some hardy fish like guppies,mollies,tetras etc and maybe a good book about aquarium keeping,whatever u do dont tell him about marine fish lol
  13. i got a disco,not v8 but 200tdi,been off-roading with a cpl and with goodish tyres bloody handy to have in front of u lol,for its age check the boot floor as they tend to rot away,a good forum to join is www.landrovernet.com lots of guys(and gals) who can help with techical stuff and i think theres a few post about changing the fan
  14. had cavvys and a mondeo and i would suggest the mondeo,last one i had i gave to my brother and that was a big mistake,but couldnt afford 3 insurances lol another alternative ........ get a LR Disco great for off-roading,cheap parts just bloody labour thats expensive mine in garage due to timing belt breaking
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