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  1. Thanks everybody for your responses and a warm welcome. I live in Northallerton North Yorkshire not far from yourself Brian. I have had a look around on the net and there seems so much to tackle to choose from. I will be doing float fishing mainly as I enjoy this. Could somebody tell me what a waggler is. I am probaly looking around the £60- £80 range for my first rod and reel then I wil visit my local shop for tackle. Any reccomendations at to what rod and reel would be in this price brackett or should I go for a beginners kit?. Also is there a rod just for float fishing i have seen a few f
  2. Hi all seems a very friendly forum so I thought I would post. I need to take up a hobby I used to fish many moons ago so i thought I would give it a go. I have not got any of my old tackle so I will have to start again I will be starting of coarse fishing . I used to mainly fish lakes so that is where I will be starting. I would like to hear from anybody with any recommendatations for a starter set up kit preferably from an online source. Also is there anybody that lives in North Yorkshire that could give me some ideas of places to fish as I do not originally come from this neck of the woo
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