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  1. Hmmm, I'm normally nodding my head of in agreement with your sage posts Peter, but... My young step son (9) caught a gosling not so long ago, completely my fault (obviously I wasn't supervising well enough), and much to the disgust of it's parents I had to bring it in and unhook it (actually not hooked, line caught around leg), to release it apparently none the worse for it's experience. It's the first goose family to come round and see us for feeding now when we fish there! After the kids initial catalogue of errors, could you not have shown him how to pull the swan in and unhook
  2. I'm ultra conscious of making sure I bag-up my line, even little snip offs. I even exaggerate my bagging movements so it's obvious to a causal observer that I am not the culprit when it comes to discarded line (the odd tree decoration excluded!). It's such a shame commercials waters, and even my club, don't take a harder line (excuse pun) on the litterers.
  3. New to me, nice post Steve. "..groups of females persuade the reluctant male to mate...", tell me about it! If I had a pound for every time that happened... Seriously though, that was awesome, and what an entertaining fella!
  4. Oh well done TT. For anyone else wanting to find posts/topics, try one of the internet archive sites, you might get lucky. I think summer might not be a lovely time for catching, but it can be a lovely time for fishing. On opening day, conditions on one of my club rivers were awful for catching, barely flowing, gin clear, and as smooth as a babies derrière. Still, I had no end of fun trotting down a maggot for small perch, roach, and dace. Just as we were leaving, something huge swam buy, and I walked along side it for around 25 yards. Although I didn't managed to immediately ID
  5. Angly

    At last!

    Oh well done! Gorgeous looking fish, and I always think barbel look so intelligent and well bred, I almost expect to see one wearing a monocle! I've yet to catch a barbel, and moving from the barbel rich Lower Thames (free, and doubles a real possibility) to barbel barren East Anglia sure hasn't helped matters much! I'm having to pick my waters very selectively just now as I don't want my first babel to be some sad specimen from a still water (the dubious practice of stocking barbel & chub in commercials is very widespread up here sadly).
  6. Angly


    New to centrepins myself, but to me a centrepin must be just that, no ballbearing races allowed, so I too chose a Speedia, a late wide drum Deluxe model (adjustable ratchet tension, adjustment running drag), and I'm very pleased with it. I hope to purchase a Fred Crouch Jet Aerial Replica at some point.
  7. Probably best to ask the venue themselves what works best there, it's in their interest that you have a great day and catch lots.
  8. Elton, dpi has no impact on file size. Try it. Make a 600 x 400 file at 1,000,000 dpi, and a 600 x 400 file a 1 dpi...same size yes? Dpi actually has no meaning until one is ready to print, on monitors and the web the term has no relevance. Edit. The only thing that the dpi marker in the file does, is say to printing software 'I want this printed at Xdpi'. However, as almost all decent software ignores the marker, it has no real use their either!
  9. Whilst I was in my local tackle shop this morning buying today's pint of maggots I had a play with Shimano's new 6000 and 10000 Baitrunner ST reels, which incidentally appear to have identical bodies with just different depth spools. They certainly feel nice and solid. Such a shame that Shimano haven't seen fit to sell the smaller bodied 5000 size here in the UK yet.
  10. After I've just forked out for the elasticated whips too bloody right it would! Seriously though, we all thought we'd wait until they were both fully self sufficient with the whip (tackling up, plumbing depth, landing, unhooking) before moving up to rod and reel. My partner is actually keen to upgrade now, but then young Master Angly would create a stink!
  11. I'll guess it's because it's easier and cheaper to make a stiff heavy tip blank that is unlikely to snap, and then slap some elastic in, than to make a supple forgiving progressive tip. Are there any British Standards for elastic strength (perish the thought that angling tackle would have to adhere to set standards). Our whips have 12-14 rated elastic, apparently sufficient for carp up to 10lbs according to all the articles I've perused. How do we test it really IS 12-14 strength? Next week I'll be asking how to cast a 2oz feeder loaded with 4oz of feed with the whips, and how one at
  12. BoldBears comments have actually left me rather confused. Previously my partner and her son used traditional whips (using BoldBear's definition), but now they use identical blanks (different graphics) with the tip section changed for a thicker/stiffer item which is elasticated. Surely they ARE elasticated whips and not poles? They are not elasticated like a pole (only the tip section being elasticated), neither are they fished like a pole (they are fished 'to hand', 4m of line out on a 4m whip). Or have I missed something?
  13. Cheers Matt, guess I just need to get used to this completely alien method!
  14. Sorry Christy, appears I didn't read your first post properly, you were talking about the Baitrunner facility and not Fighting Drag! Doh! The baitrunner facility is mainly used when fishing for larger carp, or some other species (barbel, tench & bream come to mind) using carp techniques, using a fixed or semi-fixed lead, typically of around 2oz, and therefore probably requiring 8lb line, beyond the scope of your reel. This is only one ledgering technique amongst many, I suggest you look at these articles for more information: http://www.fishingmagic.com/news/article/mps/uan/2136
  15. Let me paint the scene if I may... I've been passing on my angling skills to my partner and her lad over the past year (which surprisingly did take longer than the 10 minutes you'd expect) who I'd equipped with cheap 4m margin whips. Things were going very well, bagging up at various venues with fish to a maximum of about 2.5lbs. Recently we've been fishing our new club's lake, where (esp. at this time of year) the carp (to 10lb) are pretty frisky, so much so that young Master Angly managed to snap the tip section of his whip. I did heroicly then try to land the carp for him on the
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