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  1. Do the Angling Trust ever respond to threads like this on Angling Forums ?
  2. I have been quite surprised at the lack of concern from anglers. Most recreational shore fishermen I have spoken to know nothing about it and say they will ignore it, as there is no way it can be policed effectively. It will be different for the charter boats, most of whom rely on bass as a main quarry species for part of the year, they will have to toe the line. Have the Angling Trust released any statements about this partial ban ?
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3380828/Brussels-Britain-s-anglers-Happy-New-Year-writes-RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-nicked.html That could mean a lot of sea anglers voting to leave the EU in the coming referendum.
  4. A couple of good ideas there that sound very possible. Thanks for the help.
  5. I had two carp rods made many years ago (maker now passed on) and they have my name on them in white. The rods are in excellent condition and are no longer used. I want to pass them on to a youngster, but first I want to remove my name, without damaging the rods. I have no idea what material was used, but I suspect the same stuff was used for names on all rods, so there is a chance someone might know how to remove it . All help appreciated.
  6. I have had this operation with a replacement lens on both eyes . Its painless, takes about 10-15 minutes and as Poledark says, your wife drives you home, which is probably the worst bit.
  7. My wife and i visited there in 1995, 1998 and 2002 during our roaming round the southern States trips. We enjoyed the music, the people and the food, it was a very pleasant experience. We returned in 2008 (Katrina was 2005) and things were a lot different, the people were not so friendly, we were warned of "no-go" areas, the unique atmosphere was gone and we moved on after a few days. We tried again in 2010 and it was much the same, when two elderly ladies at our Hotel were mugged in broad daylight and hospitalised with serious face and head injuries, we decided to move on again. I will
  8. Perhaps "round of applause" would have been sufficient. What is impressive is that any of those time wasters actually stirred long enough to put their hands together at all. The EU may continue, but the single currency "experiment" won't.
  9. It seems an obscene waste of money in the current circumstances.
  10. Thanks for the help, its much appreciated, but damn, I thought it would be easier than that. I will have to spend some time looking around my PC, with my limited technical expertise I am not sure how to navigate to my drivers.
  11. This is where I saw most of the information, http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm , it appears you download a file. I am not sure how selective you can be and I imagine the list of urls is enormous. Its possible that you have to create "exceptions" to their list, to avoid blocking off sites you need to contact.
  12. I don't have the fastest Internet connection and have noticed when loading websites, or navigating around websites (Incl AN), that I am often waiting for "Facebook, Google,Counters and other things to be loaded before I get where I want to be. Looking around the Internet to find ways of speeding things up I have found MVPS Host, this looks just the tool for the job , but I am wondering if there are any downsides to installing this. Also, all the blurb relates to Internet Explorer, does it work with any browser ?
  13. I have downloaded Firefox 12 and the forward/back page arrows are grey and do not work, does anyone have a solution for this ? Following a suggestion I have tried it with all Add-Ons disabled and enabled, the result is the same.
  14. Very sad news indeed. Deepest condolences to Newt.
  15. Are the Angling Trust supporting this data collection ?
  16. I don't find F1 interesting, but I believe that every sport Sky Sports covers they do it better than anyone else. Their football, boxing and cricket coverage is far superior to all the alternatives. I love my Sky Sports. :good: I have no thoughts about Mr Murdoch and he certainly doesn't interfere with my viewing pleasure.
  17. Thats a strange response. Surely its better to start the conservation somewhere, than not start at all.
  18. Another organisational discipline most of us need is to throw away old recharging/feed leads, that don't fit anything anymore.. I have just looked in my Man drawer and they are in there , relating to old mobiles, electric shavers, walky talkies, rechargeable battery lamps, etc. In the Garage I have more, for every other rechargeable DIY item I have long replaced and thrown away. Even now, having looked at the evidence, I can't bring myself to bin them.
  19. Thats disappointing, I would have hoped that in 40 years time they would have worked out how to transport matter like they do in Star Wars, sort of "Beam me up Easy Jet".
  20. I went out for a Fathers Day lunch with my wife and daughter No. 2 ,................................................ it cost me £82.
  21. Just about as sick as the contents of the weblink.
  22. You seem to have a better relationship with your pizza guy, than I have with my wife. Perhaps I should start tipping her.
  23. I sometimes wish we could stop the World and get rid of something and everyone would forget it ever existed. Top of my list at the moment is tipping. Otherwise known as paying someone extra money for just doing their job. Why do we tip people ? Some people say that waitresses etc., don''t get paid much and rely on their tips, but if we didn't tip the bosses would have to pay them higher wages, or they wouldn't get any waitresses. Taxi drivers also expect a tip, but for what ? Its also spreading into new areas. I was on a charter boat the other week and the "organiser" came roun
  24. Its just a tax efficient way of investing funds, like the forestry plantations in Scotland. You will find Pension Funds and Trust Managers also own a fair proportion.
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