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  1. The main places i go night fishing i havnt been blanking with white chocolate boilies.... there a god send.
  2. www.imageshack.us pics ??? pics?? pics??
  3. Few pictures taken from Night fishing ( Fri-Sun ) weekend just gone: Links due to cba resisizing lol.... http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/6704/photo0030tr5.jpg http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/633/photo0027bc7.jpg Taken on my phone so allow the quality hehe. No pictures off fish due to didnt catch any carp over 20 odd pounds. But had loads of 14-15's. Matty
  4. Indeed, if the fish are hungry, they will more then likely to take what ever bait is presented to them.
  5. Sound guys. Deos anybody have a set of good nick big pit reels going cheap?? Cheers, Matty
  6. Which boiles do you lot use more off and finds it has more effect?? flavor wise.
  7. Hehe. Its the first time i knew about it LOL.
  8. Hmmm. Sorry would help if I put some effort into actually looking about and using my eyes aye lol?? Sorry about that. And cheers fella
  9. matty49


    Looks stunning fella, niceone. Matty
  10. Sound guys, I need to start learning some new rigs as im pretty basic and easy as I don’t know how to do many and don’t want to do a good fancy rig because knowing me I will do one.. do it wrong, sit there waiting for me alarms to go flying and it comes off as my rig wasn’t right. What rigs do you lot use most and prefer to use?? Could someone give me some links on how to do different rigs... im not after to technical ones though. Cheers, Matty
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