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  1. Probably because if you have licenced sea fishermen there is a responsibility to 100000 licenced sea fishermen as stakeholders?
  2. Theres no conservation goin on here. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/7104120.stm Just some well paid adults behaving like pre schoolers over a bag of boilies. You can have 5% of the original population left, trawl half of it and fool the public thats theres enough for another spawn only to see a Cod crash. We could drop that to 20000 tonnes but I dont think thats goin to help the Cod.
  3. Rather than using a USB stick especially 4Gig, nice, maybe use a crossover cable as stated above or if its possible a USB data cable between the two? Maybe keep the 4 Gig stick as a back up medium? And of course you have backed up onto a DVD as wells o you dont rip your hair out when that vital data goes down?
  4. That explains why the representatives were very careful about what they said? Given the technology on boats like sounders, GPS you would think that they know its a waste of time before putting the net down and driving through schools of fish dragging the net along the bottom destroying all the habitat then tipping the obvious tonne of fish and 4 prawns on the deck? The fish were obviously more alive when he dumped on the fish on the deck? For 6 prawns wouldn't it be just smarter to dump the net straight back in the water? This obviously points to , A. 6 prawns stop the
  5. I thought trawlers had been redesigned to allow fish escape? Does this demonstrate how much damage trawlers do? What about the fish they don't want to send to market? So little prawns so much fish? Have they caught them all?
  6. This sounds great. Does anyone produce literature on handling of Pike?
  7. Just been reading the article. http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/News/dorset_st...rbel_boost.html Fantastic stuff. Great to see people doing work to improve environmental stability of fish stocks. Does anyone have a link to the colour tag technology?
  8. I recall reading about camera phones changing the world in a technology magazine. If you see something fishy like people netting your local lake then take photos of the incident and more importantly photos of the vehicles with emphasis on the number plates. Report the incident to people who can take it further. With the dramatic reduction in the cost of technology I'm surprised more clubs and associations haven't taken on CCTV technology to apprehend poachers? Some cameras can utilise both infrared and day colour sending the footage wireless back to a recorder, even viewed in a web bro
  9. This guy rocks http://www.cudafly.co.uk/acatalog/FlyTyingKits.html You probably can see what comes with it. He shows some proved flies on the site including competition winners. There is some fly tying instructions on the site. He also deserved of some attention. Beware of purchasing fly materials. Theres different grades and quantities of materials. You can also purchase 60 flies cheap as on E-bay but the hooks can be less than desirable not to mention some of the flies. If you find a supplier that intends long term business its in their best interest that they provid
  10. So Russia is on the verge of collapse and anarchy with imminent collapse of the country within 10 years?
  11. Tools >> add ons >> find updates Not all add ons work with new versions or are playing catch up
  12. One fish notably the Western Australian Jewfish or Dhufish in the immediate metro area has declined a lot in populations. Studies show that average size of capture has dropped also significantly. The commercial sector is very small in this area as the fishery is not profitable for them due to overfishing from both sectors. Really its not a massive sacrifice for whats already stuffed. Have a look at the sacrifices the recreationals have taken on board over the past decade compared to the commercial sector. This decision has taken a decade to implement. Many people still report good
  13. My girlfriend booked a ticket to Ireland. On Arrival Im slugged an extra 11 squids for my fishing rods each way. We queued politely for some time only to have the departure gate number changed and like panicked goats people climbed over barriers to another queue then after another delay we are told that we are in the priority queue and need to go to another gate isle. The arrival landing we were slammed down onto the runway and several people shook their heads at the spine tingling crunch that occurred. The worst landing Ive experienced. When I was stepping off the plane I noticed the
  14. The paralysis paradigm phenomenon of new navigation structure usually throws people especially the demographic of fishermen who now probably know more about true forum discussion than most being one of the most discussed sports on the Internet. I remember when my local website ditched their old pearl based forum which wasn't handling the visitor hits for a new one written in Dot Net based ASP. It was however an Key turn application. The users hated but its bread crumb navigation structure followed similar lines of the old and other fishing forum sites. Some left for a while but on
  15. Me too with the same result, however antiseptic washing must is easier and no yukkies absorbed into the material along with no knots to damage the fish. I was also a little disappointed that the rubber stops in the telescopic pop out when the pole is pushed back in and the end stop rolls down the bank and into the water. Still a good net and pole. It dries quick to put in the bag or car hence also less lingering bad stuff. Rinsing at home in a bucket rids the coating elft on the net from carp etc. A more feasible answer is barb crushing which stops barbs catching material making l
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