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  1. Hmmm a gimp suit could provide excellent protection so perhaps the Ann Summers shops could be recategorised as essential
  2. Look at grannie is getting annoyed
  3. He smells of fish ,i dont need two! Lol
  4. Poor cod ,hes infatuated with blaming the government ,what about blaming the NHS the people that order the stuff .you have been clearly shown the government have increased money sent to the NHS but still you blame the government. The ministry of health isnt the government ,the NHS buyers are not the government ,you are blaming the wrong people but you just cannot see it ,your madness saddens me !hopefully your mrs feels safe poor woman life must be hell living with a person so incensed its the governments fault he cannot see reality
  5. Poor poor cod ,deflection is a sure sign of reality somethings twisted in your head Now your concerned you came on this thread merely to point score against the tories ,how that changed when it was pointed out to be far more serious a matter than blame Are you sure you dont need committing? Half the time you dont know who your talking to the rest of the time you quote a post and say nothing about it I am concerned for your mental health who was probably the only person to send you a pm when you disapeared last week for a few days ? I also sent one to vagabond i hope hes bunkered down somewhere out of harm ,anyone know?
  6. Looks like the mighty EU is faultering ,they all got together for 6 or so hours in the web (strange they wont discus brexit doing it) discussing the crisis ,never achieved anything and they all but told their members to sort it themselves (strange wheres this EU cohesion first gone?) .They will be back in 14 days to speak to any leaders still alive ,best not rush things its just a pandemic The italians are out burning strangely extremly flammable EU flags (so much for the material fire proofing directives) ,the spanish are being grumpy as the donkeys have all ran off so they cant throw them off towers to vent their frustrations .the french are bemused so much so they forgot to block the channel ports and germany is getting miffed others are not doing as they tell them .
  7. Told you its not the land of the free despite what they say , use the typical American method of stopping terror, shock and awe but I doubt viruses will take much notice however big your guns are lol Get out to the desert and join those preppers you (Americans) mock so much! Unfortunately will anyone learn buying most of your goods from foreigners falls down in a crises ,perhaps trump has a point in MAGA but i doubt big business will be happy not flogging you their cheap foreign exports and americans themselves wont be happy paying 3 or more times the price for everything .But the starving populace sitting in their broken down poorely made cars can see the "made in america" lable and take comfort ,this also applied to the UK ofcourse we should have learnt to cure the british disease in the 50's before it was to late! Its called putting all your eggs in one basket ,the lady next door couldnt buy any people just dont learn!
  8. Madman ,you really need to see medical help ,now you cannot even realise who your talking about ,please see a psychiatrist for your own and families sake We all sympathise you wont be getting your cheap flights and fags but its driving you mad! Perhaps your hungry ? Give me your address and i will post you a lovely fresh loaf especially for you ,you know out of that huge stockpile of flour i made last year ,i even posted websites that would happily supply it cheap but if i remember you poo pood it As to supplies and probably even testing the NHS is forced to put everything out to tender under the Section 75 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 put in place by labour and its a long process taking months
  9. He hasnt put lives at risk corona virus has ,the nhs are going through thousands of times more ppe than normal because of it .you whine boris bought water cannons that havnt been used ,people would whine if councils bought all the snow ploughs they need but would be unused until it snowed and people would whine if hospitals stock piled wharehouses full of ppe that could be out of date by the time they were used! They ran out not because they didnt have enough but because a world wide pandemic made them use the normal amount far faster ,what do you think they use some magic mirror that can tell them a pandemic is coming when they stock up for the year ahead? You think it boris! its ,WORLDWIDE i can post many more links if you wish! China made half the worlds face masks when it stopped exported you are already 50% short ! Shttps://www.who.int/news-room/detail/03-03-2020-shortage-of-personal-protective-equipment-endangering-health-workers-worldwide Dhttps://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-25/coronavirus-queensland-ppe-mask-shortage-doctors/12086562 Once they realised the pandemic had reached britain just over a month ago (look it up) china had already stopped production closing down their industry so saved all the ppe for themselves ,my ffp3 3m masks (now being faked in china) said made in china ,i bought them for samd blasting until i got a respirator (also chinese made) . Why are you blaming government for something unpredictable if theres a problem blame the nhs they buy the bloody stuff! And you have been shown theres more funds every year to buy it! As for swerving ,everytime you are shown your ludicrous statements are wrong off you go swerving onto something else until thats shown to be crap as well ,then round and round with you stupidly thinking the more times you say it it will magically become true ,it wont its in your head! You looked stupid on the brexit thread ,idiotic on the follow on one ,now you come to the serous life threatening one not to show concern but to point score over some tory infatuation you have ,you need medical help man! Infact thinking about it the only thread you seem to be happy with is your corby at glasto one ,you know when you worshipped an old failure that only achieved being shoved out of his job by his own members in your head ofcourse he resigned ,in reality jumped before being pushed is more truthful! You saw some super hero talking to the youths the world saw a failure with those youths laughing at him! Stupid old fart in their heads boy thats a great guy in yours
  10. Whoops ,not more facts ,poor poor cod! How annoying you dont write things he thinks are real ,you monster!
  11. What part of "yet misses the fact china ran out of supplies and they MAKE them" Dont you understand ,if they make them then their health workers will get all the new ones until they produce enough to export! Blimey its snowing ,boris and the tories fault ofcourse!
  12. Do you actually read anything anyone writes?
  13. Talking fact wont work with cod ,his blinkers only allow his view to be shown even if it differes from every other person on the planet! Hes obsessed with hating the tories ,he needs to move to china and let him see how his opinion works over there ,they were totally prepared ofcourse (in cods tiny mind) yet misses the fact china ran out of supplies and they MAKE them! Now ofcourse they are filling the online sellers with fake ffp3 masks which ofcourse idiotic untrained uncaring incompetant buyers in the nhs will buy up by the million ,not boris not the tories buyers within the nhs encouraged by incompetant highly paid managers
  14. So you didnt understand what GDP is ,the government ARE funding the nhs blame the nhs for buying art and huge tv's that havnt been switched on for a year .The government have no control of spending they just supply the money
  15. How many time do i have to say i dont need opinion to form my own ,you obviously scour the internet to find anything to back up your fantacies ,go tell your local MP no-one is listening to you on here and agreeing with your opinions What next ?nissan so your telling us you would have preffered them to get 80% of their wages 2 months ago?
  16. So you would have preffered total lock down in january? You may want a communist state under corbyn but most do not! Yes they should have closed the borders but those selfish people like yourself would whine their "right" to a foreign holiday would be impinged on! If you locked down the country even now its to late it should have been done in 1910 when people realised air planes could be used for passengers! A great deal of the problem is we have little real industry anymore ,blame your foreign friends and their cheap labour! PS if you want to jump the chronovirus test queue take a rib from france the foolish immigration lot will put you at the front ! You brought up spending now its been disproved you swerve once more
  17. Round and round you go ,lost out with facts disuting your opinion now you swerve to the police! What have the police got to do with covid-19 except make money in fines?
  18. Heres the fact ,my dad died in 1997 notice spending even now is far above 1997
  19. Cod and his links to opinion again Notice cod takes any advantage to criticise the tories i bet quiet as a mouse if it were labour! My old man died on the table because he waited well over 2 years for a triple heart bypass ,once it got noticed by the media labour then threw money at the nhs to bring it back up ,all governments do it its not just tories !
  20. Why are you housebound ?no garden? Legs fell off? Police state? Cant say it bothers me ,theres no police here to dictate my actions ,i cannot see 6 months of this doing harm we have been inside the village since the 5th and no cheating going to the village shop we hear its gone bust or the owners succumbed or both.its on the other side of the village a few hundred yards away ,visiting that far is like going to london from scotland The britain first type groups seem a little soft to me if they wanted to get attention to their causes they should do something more than shouting getting their faces tattooed or getting union flags to wave about upside down (so much for nationalistic pride when you don't even know which way up the flag goes), perhaps call it the English national party' ss easier to get the flag the right way up, Perhaps a bit of necklacing of illegals would draw attention? Or buy a boat and cook them in their ribs before the RNLI do their new meet and greet action and escort them to their new home .should get the front page nicely actions have always worked better than words historically but if they want to get to the roots of the problem necklacing the mp's would be the place to start they are the people insisting foreigners are let in and are turning blind eyes to them turning this country into their old countries
  21. Lots of time on our hands now ,in my case i will sleep twice instead of once for 4 hours 🗣
  22. V8 ones ,theyl blow those lungs right out ,damn yanky muscle ventilators!
  23. Blimey, you can catch it anally now! Obviously the soap didnt work
  24. More interested in getting compost at the moment ,garden centers are closed ,homebase isnt delivery such things,wilco the same ,looks like i should have bought it end of last year but was poo pood and told to get it in the spring ! No toms for us unless in the garden itself!
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