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  1. 65 billion, that must have been heavy! Look under a tree close bye
  2. I emailed the EA (before the AT existed and spoke for all of us whether we wanted them to or not!) When a bridge was being built to replace "temporary" ww2 one ,they half filled the river with concrete chunks to put the crane on (obviously from a building it had rebar sticking out of it) and crap inc plastic bags and bits of wood etc telling them it was po!uting the river and altering the PH . They got back to me telling me an "inspector" had visited the works and saw nothing of concern ,despite seeing oil coming from it and seeing the same at the downstream bridge i couldnt go any furthe
  3. Its perfectly legal ,why do you think companies employ mp's ,ex mps and so forth for their gardening skills? No because they have inside contacts and a useful name to bandy about and cronyism is alive and well throughout the political spectrum Why do you think its called lobbying? Its not because your mrs cleans your back passage every tuesday ,the name is very specific as is cash for questions the whole damned lot are crooks looking to line their pockets the whole lot should be beaten to death in public I find it amusing the idiot gordon brown is saying the exact same thing that ca
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    7lb cat

    Or eastern europeans lol
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    7lb cat

    Perhaps Its the 70's and 80's selfish moving fish again (why theres so many carp ) ,we found one in my old pond and dispatched it ,no-way could it have swum there and i doubt it crept in with a stocking so obviously it was put in deliberately ,saying that its pretty common people throwing fish in waters because they outgrow their tanks or just get bored keeping them as we saw with several turtles appearing when the ninja turtles fad ended.Unfortunately clubs are also to blame stocking fish without realising the consequences as we see with the true crucians becoming so rare
  6. Not strong enough ,there should be a special hell for those that crave power over others and i should be in charge to ensure they suffer agony for eternity! Death is far to easy it should be painful and drawn out for decades for these scum
  7. Rot in hell ,had a favoured education herself then one for her daughter ,deliberately moving into a catchment area to get it ,then had the cheek to try and abo!ish grammar schools stopping anyone else getting a decent education ! Typical labour outlook then ditched labour lol
  8. Round and round and round ,opinion opinion opinion,bias piled on bias round and round you go I am starting to think you were a remainer ,tough ,you lost!
  9. Its a damn sight better than your opinion an opinion on an opinion has any revelance
  10. Are you saying lobbying is A illegal Or B it never happened under labour? Carefull now i have lots of cutting and pasting waiting to disprove both!
  11. Round and round you go
  12. Round and round ,now its opinions about opinions
  13. Bugger !,not good but medicine has progressed far even in a few years .Nothing anyone can say will help so its down to you ,your medical team and mostly your family. You have heard what everyone dreads to hear but many hear them and are still here so never give up! but make sure you put somewhere a letter with what you want to say to your family and another listing all your passwords for online banking and when and how much direct debits are so arrangements can be made to make life go on without you if the worse happens (which it does for everyone at some point !mines been sitting in our
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