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  1. Why not use dropbox and link to them? https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpxkq7djlpp4yr0/IMG_20170711_101355.jpg?dl=0
  2. Tee hee Thinking about it many years ago i downloaded a picture posted by Den changed it and re-uploaded ,unfortunately i didnt charge its title and it changed his original to mine i hastely changed mine and his reverted to the original It was this thread (that long ago!) The originals gone now ,but some old fart called Phonebush stuck his nose in lol I still have Dens scan i may reinsert it lol
  3. Most probably if i were in his shoes! Its how stupid works
  4. He couldnt they lived in nagasaki so decided to make the island holiday last as long as possible ,its only until january then we can start another post post brexit thread for cod to bring up his red buses ,nissan ,nice bit of fishing and scallops and perhaps a bit of welding ,hoorah Might be able to squeeze in immigrants ,cheap labour and did i mention red buses? OOOH nearly forgot all the lies from those wanting brexit and all the truth told to remainers and how that red bus said we would give all the money to the NHS and then again post a picture proving it didnt ,what larks we hav
  5. Makes a change from the EU doing it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-guernsey-33729660
  6. Posted 52 minutes ago (edited) Thanks boris for my P45 I new my vote in the north to get brexit done was worth it . You sacked yourself?
  7. I can verify they do not like light groundbait in clear water on bright days! No mole hills round the pond and worse its on sand so a week later dark groundbait did the trick and they lost their shyness
  8. I think bostering food with low wages had something to do with it. I foldly remember my mrs jumping back from a jack in the sink in 1975 (who had been in a creel all day) came back to life and lunged at her .Cant say a mouth full of bones was delicious enough to repeat but the cats had the odd one in the following years that had to be dispatched for humane reasons so saved on tins of cat food. Carp are mud and nothing changes that even the cats just sniffed but the kids came home with carrier bags of trout and happily burnt them into crisps on the barbi and happily scoffed them ,the
  9. Pretty much the same as i have said over both threads. The brits rightly want to remove all ties with the EU THEN get a deal with a clean slate The EU want as much control over GB after we leave as it can so we cannot compete or get better deals (the level playing field) The EU need to dominate the UK as they need us to be a warning what will happen if others have the audacity to want to leave . Fishing can be negotiable giving back 10% to the EU who had 100% is well worth it for a deal The EU is terrified we will get better deals and simply undercut the bloc taking b
  10. Sounds like Wallace and Gromits new found sister i will study further ,is it a regional one or the main BBC version?
  11. Blimey never thought of it that way ,i had shingles and still got the scars even my stubborness couldnt stop me scratching. As Phone said clothing didnt help but i was lucky my gut overhang held my t shirt off them as they were in a band across my lower stomach.
  12. What the same express you say is right wing ,probably also liers ,bias ,fit for toilet paper etc ,you cant have it both ways so its obvious your quotes are lies going by your own words. "They didn’t push brexit so The Sun ,Express, Mail, Telegraph etc, etc all the right wing Press who support the Tory party rammed it down people’s throats day In day out , not a lot on brexit now because there is no good news to report .But it is all going to come home to roost they promised the earth now they have to deliver on Their promises remember we hold all the cards which is actually fantasy b
  13. Looks like Barnier is panicking ,the thoughts of the EU members rebelling over lack of exports to the uk is slowly dawning
  14. Put the fork in who ? Who in their right mind would vote trump back in or who in their right mind would vote in a 77 year old with Alzheimers and other mental problems ,you yanks love your rock and hard places I suspect america will vote for the devil they know not the devil! We should have dictators you can shoot them without guilt,the whole world has gone mad they actually vote people in to punish them! Forget religeon as the biggest scam politics is worse! You give them the power to protect themselves from the people and on top make up all the rules! Bidens spending 3 ti
  15. Back to your lies again ,anything new for a change?
  16. Its certainly not as cheap as it used to be but its not scarce ,never heard of these but the price is right https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fomapan-400-35mm-24-Exposure/324076699930?epid=1356675755&hash=item4b747a011a:g:96MAAOSwyR1eS6fJ There was a strange surge in buying russian? Cameras a few years ago but thats subsided i think
  17. Can we keep more in and yes i dont care about livestock. Not looking at pigs sow crates are part protection for piglets but our veal industry is actually better than EU standards https://www.ciwf.org.uk/farm-animals/cows/veal-calves/ As to cod "sovereignty" he obviously doesnt know what it means ,its actual meaning resulted in brexit ,sovereignty is the power of the people not the church or state ! The church is defunct ,the sovereign depowered but idiots still vote in the government to over ride it! The people (for some reason) give their pwer of sovereignty to parliamen
  18. I really dont need to watch it i know our politicians on all sides are useless ,but still, people elect them. Prefer Andrew Neil he does his research then tears interviewees apart!
  19. Lovely lots of jobs being created ,you did say when i asked it was about "jobs jobs jobs" well there you go ,nice bit of lorry parks nice bit of housing all needing workers
  20. The fields been used for decades for festivals you can get half a dozen ring pulls in one 3ft swing of the coil the glint of gold is addictive i can see why its called gold fever
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