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  1. July is here ,now its up to the EU to come to heel or we go out with no deal and by september as thats the latest the EU has to get it through their members Hopefully the UK Switzerland financial services deal goes ahead it will get right up the EU's nose and show them the power they think they have is pie in the sky I have no doubt the uk government will give away far more than it admits but hopefully its less than labour would and less than everything if the libs took power!
  2. With cider the strange clothes disapear! Bugger ! 2 are men!
  3. If you disagree with anything youths say today you are a nazi ! They are the clowns!
  4. Worn out sireing many children has effected him i only wish i had that excuse
  5. Strange going on in the mass punch up in devon, looked like black lives really don't matter some black guy was seemingly (going by the crap footage ! What phone has cameras that crap in 2020?) Involved at the start and some bloke with the paint peeling next? Cannot be all the footage any other time cameras are everywhere! Seen pictures on BBC but no video !?! Perhaps not been arsed to look hard enough but it would be interesting to find out what the initial ruckus involving the black guy was about he seemed to have upset some girls then the blokes got involved? Not saying hes to bame (see what i did there) but its at the start of the vid ,the welsh fight was video'd just as badly dont people turn their phones horizontal to photo landscape footage? Looks like Floyd is old news now now they are demonstrating about even older dead people!
  6. Merkles having a hard time keeping germany on its feet to "sort" out the trade deals outside her borders and will be concentrating on a way to force the nay sayers into supporting giving more money to the EU
  7. Thanks, we get enough immigration now we don't need your used weather! Never seen cloud sex before it looks electrifying Good excuse for this again ,i wonder what prised the rock out its hole if that is it , a perfectly round hole in one shot and a round rock in another!
  8. You weren't trapped in the sliding window screen watching nubile females dancing by any chance?
  9. Strange macron wasn't put in quarantine ,it cant be one law for them and one for us surely !
  10. Yes i believe on long wires to get round the problem with resistance the voltage is increased then dropped so i presume there is a transformer either end? One to increase it and the near end to drop it down to the normal household voltage . They replaced them telling us the new cables were more resistant to breaking (we had plenty of breaks over the years hense all the paraffin and gas lamps we have now) and the 3 houses were on a car sized transformer for nearly a month ,not perfect the clocks went forward ten minutes a day so i guess they needed fine tuning we didnt complain free leccy for a month was ok !! The new ones were duly installed (the time was taken cutting trees up the hillside and installing new poles ) and we never saw any difference ,the slightest bit of bad weather and we were in the dark
  11. WOW i certainly didnt know how crazy american electrics are ! We may over emphasize safety here but now you see why! PS i thought they used DC! The guy says our system is weird lol I googled it after watching a guy plug a welder into his newly installed 240v system Does every house have a transformer ? Mr Bush! Seems a little expensive if its so we have them on long line branches to remote houses to make the voltage more stable but ours is generally 240v (220v usually now) from the supply in the road ,our last house was on long overhead wires (2 not 3) with a transformer supplying the 3 houses at its end
  12. I am envious! Took a stroll along the river at 6 am ,not a rise nor fish nor shadow of a fish bugger knows where they have gone ,not even a cray fish ! Son had a fine chub and his daughter a hard fighting trout in the half mile or so we have above the weir ,i expect the cormerants took anything smaller even they have left the area! Very unusual usually trout are in plague proportions
  13. Its not just the UK app that didnt work (does any tech the government buy work?) The French one has only informed 14 people in the 3 weeks its been in use ,is it working or the corona virus infections have now evolved to only infect non phone users? Theres 56,000 cases at the moment either they are all walled up or the app doesnt work ,the french are well known for ignoring rules (350,000 fined for ignoring them) so it leaves the app! Strange the ethnic violence in dijon is hardly mentioned on the bbc only chechens mentioned,the north africans (black sshhhsss )seemingly are whitewashed out of it !both armed to the teeth according to some french news outlets ,dont worry brits no doubt it will come here then we we see it described as far right (also white) being the problem ,we have lost London the rest will eventually go until English is a word long lost from history London cannot be regarded as an english city ethnic whites were just 44% in 2011 i doubt that figures risen so English it is in name only
  14. No ones heard of it Mr Bush its a racist collection of people that whites cannot be included in lol It will upset some though not a mention of gender in it so prepare for it getting longer is it sex discrimination or transphobic not to include them not to mention those that wake up daily and decide what gender they will be over breakfast? Chomp slurp hey i think i will identify as a wummun today and go cause some strife demanding i be let in the wummons changing rooms ,i can then shout and scream and accuse everyone of being phobic ,thats a great days entertainment! Sorry mate your a bloke ,i could think i am a 6ft 4 black multi millionaire but its not gonna be what i see in the mirror of reality
  15. I remember them on thunderbirds ,they were a bit wooden ,please god is plank (see what i did there) still wearing those awful glasses ,specsavers 29 quid ones are better than those tv sized atrocities
  16. Because its about these horrible white supremacists just their existance is racist in this new BAME world Reminds me of something ......,..any called Boxer? We could be changing the countries name to New Africa (if you havnt got it yet lol) if not Napoleon will tell you how it is from now on! Hes always right or is it "she" queen Abbot has a nice ring to it! She must be made queen its racist not to ! Out of the ashes of a former Diane rises a better blacker one ,you know it makes sense in this BAME new world As to pyamids there must have been slaves ,i think some of the workers would have been the equivilent of my parents when they were young doing the traditional londoners going hop or potato picking so there would be a great number of ordinary folks going building in their summer holls ,but if you had slaves by the thousands you wouldnt have the part timers pulling blocks they would be in better non whippy roles ,pointing at stuff as people do ,drinking tea in-between turning hills into square blocks and general less sweaty building stuff so in essence, you had a mix of types just as there is today but a little bit less on the whipping side and of course more PPE today lots of it and signs and more signs I cant see slaves not having a role ,who would volenteer the next year if you did the work whilst slaves sat about watching its illogical
  17. Ah the brexiters were lied to broken record again ,good luck with that! Heres some of the remain lies ,twice so it may sink in strange you only ever imply brexiters were lied to but deny remainers were lied to ,them old cod blinkers again
  18. I dont think hand feeding 5 pigs makes you a farmer ,more a collector and not in it for the money! Few farmers around here ,one bloke fattens a few cattle on land thats not his and sells the resulting meat at a price few locals could afford (sausages £1.30 each!) And gets a few grand in handouts which is strange as the land he owns he rents out to horse owners !! Not sure if the guy who owns the cows in the field by me or down the hill gets handouts he rents the field from the council the other from the scouts ,he has a multitude of cattle of varius breeds but is a collector . I have never understood why grants are given ,if you own some sheep and put them out in a field its not like your training them or even feeding them ,they just stand about eating whats under their feet. iF you need government grants why bother doing it and why handouts? the local plumber wont be getting any nor 99% of anyone else for their choice of employment . Most probably all the meat is shipped off to foreigners so we are not getting any benefit of our imput into his pocket at all ,we are subsidising foreigners not providing cheap meat here! "Set aside" was the biggest con going you got money so you didnt produce cheap food ,gone now but i bet similar practices are rife ,we cant let the punter get cheap food can we so we will artificially raise the price and reward the farmer aswell Same goes for anyone getting subsidies, why? If you cannot make a living get a better job like every other person on earth ,why should taxpayers pay you to do something then in most probability if will be exported ,sell it here fine where those that pay you a subsidy can benefit ,flog it abroad you get nothing! Take note fishermen! And aviation fuel need taxing at twice what paraffin is ,why should people choosing to go abroad to spend their money get any payment over those going by bus or car ,the fricking government dont subsidise petrol or diesel if you go to devon in a campervan so why should those flying get rewarded? Even worse why aren't buses fuel subsidised? The government wonder why bus routes are disappearing fuel is something to do with it! If you want people not to drive improve the bus service and recoupt the subsidy by taxing aviation fuel
  19. Dammed hard to find aluminium cigar tubes at a decent price aswell!
  20. Nice story but under the present circumstances both "ginger" and "mick" may need changing or the statue may be vandalised PS did he ask permission from the abbos to cross their land ,you have to be careful as i presume he was a member of the white supremacist race?
  21. Why would you keep them in all day? Just a minute or two brings them into life. You keep some in a tin in your pocket (or bag if your from the north?!) To keep them from freezing ,use the stiff ones in your bait box as loose feed and the one you put in your mouth as bait Silly person if you had a mouthfull where would you store the rest of the worms!?! You only have 2 ears so space is limited ,the aluminium cigar tube up your butt keeps some groundbait from freezing solid but orifices are limited! Mind you i expect theres fox labled usb powered maggot warmers about today ?
  22. Cut down first then the trees cannot be used to stymie any planning permissions if they were brought up first then "bats" would be "seen" roosing in them etc . The council are desperate to use the field across from us for housing ,they have even got the electricity company to make a "T" on the cable coming down the road so they cannot be stumped by no electricity connections . We noticed a trench right up the road behind that stopped by the field ,this was ofcourse a gas main both must have cost thousands with both going to nothing but both there to stop protests the facilities dont exist! We are watching with interest how they are going to force thames water to install a new sewer the existing one only just copes but that would cost millions and i doubt thames would install one for just 6 extra houses,that could be a double edged sword so they could use that to build more houses to make the pressure on the existing sewer force thames to comply with extra houses as the reason Only ever seen hedgehogs once here they are rare creatures here as the slug population is tiny as the ground is extrememly dry so few slugs if they ate slow worms that would be different lol Anyone thinking of using protected animals as a reason to stop housing is unfortunately going to be disapointed ,all the protections have loop holes even natterjack toads and sand lizards are not going to stop work ,a gas company installed a 15" ? Gas main right through the village ,all the company had to do was remove them and off they went with their huge trench ,how and when they did is a mystery it went right past our house and we never saw people on their knees hunting for things night or day ,i suppose they just fill in a form and thats it? Badgers will just be "relocated" which may be a man made set nearby but i suspect most will just disapear like they mysteriously have on the bank of that field ,if they aint there they cannot be protected!
  23. Korea starts vaccine on monkeys next month. The face mask allowance is now up to 10 masks a week as supply slowely catches up with demand in korea More imported cases (why are koreas borders open?) Obviously the high tech temperature monitoring on exiting the air port is pretty pointless but making money for someone 2 from america 2 from europe 4 from asia not china! Showing the tracing system works?!? But no mention if its good enough to trace everyone they came in contact with i presume those on the airplane can be traced but not before or after ? 38 new cases in a day care center in one district ,7 cases in a church Korea is a high tech and has very complient people (except students it a worldwide problem lol) if they haven't got it eradicated the rest of the world hasn't a chance Brazils count still rising its time we insisted any chicken imports were chlorine washed! Has the UK banned all EU meat imports?
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