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  1. China cases up to 144 France anyone outside travelling to france must supply neg test ,isolate for 7days then take another PCR test. National lockdown from 18:00- 06:00
  2. Blimey i always swallowed ,it seemed the gentlemanly thing to do
  3. I hope they dont have meat on their sarnies the frogs are hanging them and flogging the boats to immigrants
  4. Next time your at the c&cc club site ask cod on here and he will give you a free bag of curry sauce ,dont let his mum see though Just having my tea Roquefort on toast yum
  5. Sennans ok ,after eating the chips by the time youve walked back up the calories have burned away
  6. I would advise the opposite i got a nasty bruise from the mantlepiece doing just that ,despite it being marble it does have some carved relief in the exact place a forehead would contact as the maid is pushed forward into the embers ,i find sex far more rewarding when the other party is pushing backwards as the hair catches fire
  7. Blimey how did you know he part owned the chippy in sennan cove The potato peeler is his but the chipper is owned by his mum
  8. Its identical to the blue one so same reel .not going to move the bookcase to see what the colour of the other one was and george is getting a little infirm to move it so there it will lie for a time The maid is very plain as the mrs insists as she works indoors ,i will enquire about the porn shots as shes not back from the far side of the estate ,shes enquiring what the chauffeur's name is does keep up!
  9. No idea what reel theres also a red one and another that fell down the back of a bookcase as i reached for the blue one . As to the chauffer not the mrs shes got epilepsy so banned ,if you like i will ask the maid to find out what his name is ,i just shout oi! driver and he comes . I think he lives over the garage in the room next to the gardener ,not sure do you want me to get her to find out while shes over there? No need for glasses its all touch fishing where i go Cod i bet i know who is imposing that red tape and it aint us!
  10. Thats the basics of betting the bookie wins
  11. My youngest says shes good on them but then she will not be telling us of the days she loses lol
  12. Luckily i only need them for driving and my chauffer does that so i dont wear any
  13. They can only do one thing at a time , punish trump or whatever they do to install bidens yes men ,they are most probably desperately looking for a way of doing both.
  14. The first proper scratch cards i remember were sold by aldershot football club in 1974/5 and i have used punch cards but they were for a machine used as a crude form of programming before 0 & 1 ruled the planet .It was used to stamp numbers and letters on a stamping machine ,you setout what ever you wanted to stamp and pulled a lever and a card with holes in popped out ,strung together you could stamp blank after blank with the cards in a loop.I belive far before that in 'T' mill they determined the pattern but i will leave that to someone with an interest in such things to confirm (the T
  15. My eyesights excellent as is my hearing and memory
  16. France says it will test 1 millions kids and teachers a month decides on further restrictions tonight. Andy murray tests positive at the moment Turkey starts its jab rollout WHO says they really really will start investigation ,.........once their two week isolation is over ofcourse.2 had to stay behind because they tested positive showing the WHO dont even follow their own advice! Spain record cases of 39,000 Uk's now over 80,000 deaths ,Doris says he will try to stop south american version getting here once he decides if the six inch sign at heathrow saying' keep ou
  17. Rabbits back,i saw some mysterious "globes" on my cameras last week ,ghosts? Wandering spirits? Nope it was foggy
  18. If i were trump i would parden all the rioters just to **** them off. Unfortunately trump has bumped up against the cancel culture thats destroying the world at the moment ,if you refuse to do what others say you should your cancelled!
  19. First chinese corona death in 8 months Portugal to return to lock down friday Uk new record deaths 1564 Lebanon in total lock down New record cases in spain WHO finaly get into china to investigate wuhan
  20. Blimey i didnt realise our fishing waters extended to chile! Yummeeee https://bradleysfish.com/product/chilean-mussels-1kg/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA9P__BRC0ARIsAEZ6iriWQ3O6e4eyymz5RItEmUrdJkhIhjSuMfHdn4CYZixp3Mf2n_b8tmAaAjCQEALw_wcB We imported a lot of fish from germany ,france and spain now where do you think these fish are from originally? german french or spanish waters? Or perhaps ours ,if we cut them out and sold it direct .......... https://www.seafish.org/document/?id=316053cc-5e22-4d64-b2be-104b3aa278d5 A great deal of uk fish is reimported some as fish some as fish produ
  21. Like murder mysteries its always the first person you see or the first to die thats the villein
  22. Cant wait for cheap cockles and mussels to hit the shelves ,but wait they wont they would rather dump them than sell them on the home market for less even if its keeping them afloat . Never mind theres always south america to supply them I would love to see the figures ,lets speculate ! They sell xxx amount to EU for say 10 units ,we reimport them for say 15 units (we import 60% of "fish" some will be from uk fishermen exported to EU then re imported) Now lets say they sell xxx amount to UK for 11 units (more money ) then we buy them at 12 units its win win for everyone but
  23. Presiden pelosi is swiftly running out of time because if biden gets in and croaks its president Kamala lol
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