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  1. Death to pianos they are heavy will the IOW rise a little ? Somersets OK i hope the thousand acres that accompany your stately pile will be easy to mow than the 10,000 you have now sir Ps if you need someone to dig out clods (no not that one) to inspect whats under them i may know someone ,ps watch the beaches they eat cars!
  2. The wasp chewer says her tier system is working very well then in the next breath moves 11? Councils up to the top tier ,its not working is it love? If it was the tiers would be falling not rising and she criticises boris lol Looks like the PPE procurement has been compromised but why would the procurer care its not their money its ours! Before a certain person jumps in with the usual hate the tory crap nhs procurement has nothing to do with boris or the government theres dozens of systems of procurement ppe appears to be down to to public health england a sub department of DHSC al
  3. I only stayed to prove my old man wrong i left at what i think was the end of the season (it was 50 years ago i cannot remember) he also said i would end up on a building site (which strangely he did for a great time) i worked a week on a building site tacking to help a mate out but never ended up on one not that i can see why not some trades are very well paid ,i expect he meant as a labourer ? His opinion of me was low but I guess justified lol
  4. Not sure hes saying prawns only live in dublin bay ,dublin bay prawns are a known name for them and no doubt with clever marketing sold at a premium to gullible yanks One of your straw men backfirings? https://www.irishtimes.com/news/the-rise-and-rise-of-the-dublin-bay-prawn-1.1001859?mode=amp
  5. Hmm twisting words again Now your so desperate you are quoting yourself implying its me so you can pretend i am agreeing with you ...or not? Unfortunately quoting a post only posts the response not the quote the response refers to, a screenshot gets around that! https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjidrhs5lcjoybx/Screenshot_20201117-144937.png?dl=0
  6. I spent almost a year on a boat in folkestone ,nothing big really just a one man band but the owner took me out as he was a neighbour ,not really my cuppa tea the hours were shite as the harbour is tidal ,pittance of a wage nothing more than pocket money ,my old man said i wouldnt last a week i dont take notice of what people say so lasted about 11 months. The owner sold the bulk of his catch at the local auction but made far better money selling the better fish and crabs to the hotels ,i asked him why he didnt sell everything to the hotels ,to much work he said ,small man determined to
  7. It would be nice if our tame fisherman (sorry person who takes other people fishing ) actually occasionally spoke on the whitby fishing forum and met actual fishermen instead of trying to bluff users of a angling forum he was the voice of english fishermen. I said co-operative ,if its to hard to google it means lots of little things join together to seem bigger bigger = more power .its so simple you are even in one yourself although its not heard much outside of whitby obviously needs to grow
  8. So now the only person agreeing with you is you ,thats sad cod really sad I see you not only changed your post but again put words into my mouth ,try reading and understanding before you imply what i am saying
  9. Its not tgpical about fishing its typical across the board, big has more stick than small you have to research how what was small is now big ,generally big wins because people cannot be arsed to stop them winning Even small with big gobs get power look at the angling trust ,a bunch of gobshites no one voted to have any power now 'advise' the government how to ru(i)n angling
  10. Generally its typical about anything thats why the world is really run by "big" companies not your local grocer and certainly not by governments in the EU
  11. More opinion cod? Wont "big" always have an advantage over "small"? Thats where my point about co-operatives was mentioned
  12. Thats small thinking had i been the shoe company i would have sent a preist to tell the natives not wearing shoes was ungodly and they would fry in hell ,i would also have sold the natives barbeque sauce incase they resisted gods self apointed mouthpiece and ate him ,win win again your lose lose scenario lo! Blimey new word today 'ate' appeared strange as i say 'ett' on looking it up i found the word participle ,new word to me but then its perfectly clear i am no wordsmith I was trying to work out the right word tense ,ate past ,eaten past eat present or future ,groan i wish i had pa
  13. I cant support uk produce if the produce offered isnt from the UK ,if your forced to buy from an online shop then your forced to buy what they sell i dont think they are going to fund a trip to the seaside just to buy a pint of mussels and then deliver it free with the rest of the order ! The price they sell their catch at will be determined by the exporters and middle men ,the fishermen may actualy find they are better off cutting them out even in victorian times they formed cooperatives now they just hand over their catches to greedy middlemen and thats it
  14. Strange that all the mussels i have bought in supermarkets were from south america ,perhaps the shell fishermen could actually sell some of their catch to uk supermarkets instead and sell it here! Once the EU put up huge import fees to stop the UK selling it to the continent (their choice not ours you can have zero tarriffs without joining their club) they can sell it cheaper than what the europeans buy it for so we can enjoy it They have 3 choices sell less abroad because its now expensive or sell it here or go bust ,over to them but you will find the import tarriffs harm the wealt
  15. Yes but the difference is the gov cannot hide behind the EU the government will now be accountable in the voting booth
  16. Probably in the double figures now ,you can show what he says is nonsence show him the data (note data not opinion from headlines) and yet it all comes back up later ,he either cannot remember or is so stupid he thinks it will become true if he says it enough times lol Cant wait til january until a thread called "now we are really out" starts and off he goes again as if any thing he says will somehow reverse brexit and even then he would post his hate and bile about everything and everyone tory forgetting labour voted for brexit aswell ,oh well hes amusing and you have to look out for th
  17. If its been destroyed whilst being in the EU then perhaps its better getting out? As i said if our government enforce harder rules than today the fish stocks should improve because half the world isnt taking them and landing them unseen on the continent. Ours will gladly destroy all fishing as they did in the past so the gov need to root out the foreign ships using brit credentials and start from scratch boats will have to land their catches in britain THEN they get the handouts ,although as i said why should tax payers be propping up career choices? Fishing is back under UK con
  18. Do you eat lobsters every day ,blimey i have never even tried one why would i? I dont think life revolves around lobsters obviously you do? Prices will crash thats good for the housewife surely or dont you care about them? Who told me? If they did do you think i believed them ? Why would i care for someones lifestyle choice of fishing ,why should i care if they go under if i have never eaten what they produce ,on the bright side without the fleet harvesting millions of tons of fish they may recover for our great grand kids to eat ,at the rate it is fish will go extinct and all we will fin
  19. Then they will lose those luvly exports ! DW is a german news station get out more! Theres lits of news media that not british and decent satellite dishes get the lot ,what they say is not the bias you see on our stations ,if they say germany is upset its upset. Just thinking what i have imported from germany ,a beurer footbath ,almost a german 5 stage filtration system but found the germans suplier and i got it direct from china .so personaly i will not pay more directly i will simply not buy it if its expensive .most probably the rest of whatever germany exports i will treat the same ti
  20. Thats fine they will have to adjust their prices to compensate for any tarriffs ,we can aswell . Only fools buy something thats not worth the money or we would all be eating cavier in rolls royces.not sure what we import from the EU most is imported because its easy not necessarily cheaper ,i can certainly live without german sausage french cheese and spanish oranges ,we can probably get them cheaper elswere? I never understood why the EU members had to pay to join to get free trade ,zero tarrifs and border control saves money so why pay the middleman ?
  21. ?????? Again you are twisting my words show me where i said the europeans dont eat lots of fish WE thats US import more fish than we export ,you quoted the figures .You said we dont eat much yet proved your own words wrong by telling me the statistics of our imports ! If we didnt eat the bloody stuff why do we import so much?
  22. You obviously dont think the loss of £ billions in exports to the UK is going to go without annoyance ,the germans and french are already talking to Brussels with veiled threats thats why the EU didnt chuck their hand in in february ,stop watching the bbc and look at DW etc
  23. Why are you now talking about the EU brexit is about us remember bugger the foreigners
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