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  1. Well no one can claim this thread is pointless.
  2. I live opposite to what was once a poor house, then a barnardos home and now turned into private residences. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kR9jQeXm46c
  3. Thats purrrrrrrrrr-fect Andrew
  4. You can't have one the computer says no. Apparently the computer say that 90% didn't care or want one: don't blame me it's the computer you see HE HE
  5. Have a snickers you're a right diva when you're hungry !
  6. Don't vote it only encourages them !
  7. Some will do anything for votes
  8. Thought you might like UKIPS new poster:
  9. What no dragons !!! Suppose I should untie the wife from the linen line post when I get home after fishing.
  10. Love cephalopod posts, makes me think either crispy in tempura batter with a cold beer or slow cooked, sweet chili sauce and a cold beer. Now I want a cold beer !
  11. Have a look here: http://www.leevalleycustoms.com/products.php click on Products at top of page and scroll down and have a look at Reels / Handle Conversions. Hope it's of some, use he gets good reviews for his work.
  12. garylee

    Bolo rods

    yup it's a magin pole with a bendy bit stuck on top a reel seat and eyes.
  13. garylee

    Bolo rods

    Landing a large fish on a 7.7m rod has it's challenges and being able to reduce it to 5m does make it easier. I must admit I've used my bolo more as a margin pole supported on a pole rest.
  14. garylee

    Bolo rods

    Yes of cause you can trot with it I have. It's a bit heavier than some bolo's but it's desighned for large fish so should cope with barbel OK. If you do want to try shortening the rod when playing a fish do it with the fish running using the drag on your reel: this is so you maintain a tight line and don't allow any slack and loose fish. I use mine mainly at a local water with some large roach but it has a good head of carp. I can fish fine enough pole rigs for the roach and because I still have a running line still stand a good chance of landing the carp: had them to 20lb +. Another plus i
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