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  1. Ok fair enough on very narrow, very shallow stretches as per those photos a large number of canoes coming through would be disruptive but i would be surprised if that would happen often enough to be more than a once in a blue moon occurrence. I just think that if canoists and anglers show a bit of consideration for each other there's no need to make an issue out of it
  2. I have no problem at all with canoes/kayaks being able to use every stretch of river as long as they are safe to do so, ive fished on a part of the river that gets quite a bit of traffic at certain times of year and it was never a much of a problem. Some people just like to moan and be divisive in my opinion.
  3. The first method i was taught was float fishing, first on the basingstoke canal and then trotting on the wey, it was then that i was shown how to use a feeder set up and got my first quivertip Ive never been a carp fisherman firstly because it seemed too expensive and also very boring. That being said I would like to try it properly at some point but i much prefer being mobile by the river than stationary beside a lake (at least in this weather!) come winter i might be happy to wrap up in realtree and get back in the bivvy lol
  4. £3.60 a pint here but i use a two pint box and they are usually pretty generous pints lol
  5. I should have said it in my previous post but the question is flawed in the first place as we didnt evolve from chimpanzees but we did share a common ancestor with them. At some point our shared ancestors were divided and some evolved along the path that lead to humans and some along the path that lead to chimps.
  6. There is most likely a number of reasons for the change, at a guess a change in habitat most likely being one. Many primates are tree dwelling for food and safety from predators when our ancestors moved to the ground our upper body strength was less important. The use of tools also probably had some influence down the line i would have thought. Don't forget chimps are just as evolved for their natural habitat as we are
  7. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=161061527141 Just saw this and was going to bid but it is collection only from derby :/ could be a bargain if you're local!
  8. Im not sure exactly which hooks they are, i think they are drennans i have a mix of 22's up to 12's they have a straight eye and are barbless.
  9. Im going to pick up some new line and a different hook pattern today as the line i have is pretty old, any suggestions in this area would be very welcome the fish in the pond go into mid-doubles max most are more in the 5-10lb range. When it comes to the hook pattern i was thinking of getting one withh a wider gape and an angled eye but any advice on that would also be welcome
  10. I do think it was a lot to do with the heat because it did pick up little from about 7:30, I think i might try chubbing on the wey If i go fishing again this week because it really is a waste of time at the ponds, thanks for the tips though they will definitely be used again!
  11. Well im back here with a tiny pre-loaded float andalternating between flake and corn started of slow so i scaled down and im now catching nothing but lkttle roach lol
  12. yeah i think thats what i'll try and do this evening, hopefully this morning would have been worthwhile just to pre-bait the swim
  13. I know, i know but that was my second blank there in a row, which didnt help when a young lad fishing there with his dad kept running up the bank to tell me about the 20+ fish he had caught from the other end of the pond I think i might need fishing lessons lol what REALLY rubbed the salt in though was just as i was packing up a big carp started swimming around in front of my peg hoovering up the freebies i had thrown out... I am tempted to head back over for a couple of hours this evening to see if i can snag the same spot...
  14. I did think that as well but i walked around a couple of times and havent seen a single fish on the top except the odd little roach fl y catching
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