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  1. "i smoke for queen and country!!!" the only reason you lot dont smoke is because your to scared!
  2. a few quids worth there!!!
  3. certainly makes you wonder. they seem very good at giving money away to poor countries whilst they have plenty of needy on their own door step.
  4. they spend all their money on building up their armed forces whilst the uk tax payer pays for their health and schools?
  5. if any one is interested the smoking ban has started here now. i thought the french would of stuck 2 fingers up at it but all the bars and tabac's around here have no smoking signs on the door's, have ditched the ash trays and no one is smoking. will be interesting to see if any of the little bars around here start closing down.
  6. nice big growling dog, best deterrent going!
  7. you have just reminded me of how lucky i am to be fishing here in the wilds of france, no worry of being mugged here. mind you, i am quite sure that i heard a wild boar behind me the other morning
  8. i sometimes livebait and i am not that comfortable with it, i give them 20 odd minutes (lip hooked) and if i have not had a take i let them go. i find my behaviour quite amusing and i know that it all boils down to having a guilty conscience and that when you really think about it, the question always arises whether you should even be fishing in the first place if you feel that badly about live baiting. i also find that i end up having more fun trying to catch the live bait!
  9. when i was a kid i was in a gang and we used to roam the streets. we did not carry knives or guns and we never named our selves. we used to get into scraps and if you was unlucky you got a bit of a hiding. today if you come out of a scrap with just a bit of a hiding you would of been lucky. what have the kids got today that we never had? rap music, the whole gang culture springs from that american crap!
  10. dont even have to think about it, maggrots for me as well, preferably in red
  11. i was fishing a trout lake with a wet fly when i got in a big mess up. as i was sorting it out the fly was just resting in the margin of the lake. when i sorted the tangle and lifted the rod up there was a small carp attached to the fly!
  12. i once caught the same eel 4 times in about an hour. i was fishing for tench with maggots, i knew it was the same one as i had to keep cutting the line as it was swallowing the bait out of sight. after the 4th time i packed up and went home. what an amazing fish they are, i named him jellied
  13. i used to use a fresh thick sliced cut loaf, pull a chunk off and really squeeze it hard on to the shank. in rivers i used to find that even when the fluffy bread had gone there was normally the bit that had been squeezed tight on the shank remaining. i reckon crayfish will have a go at bread, they eat just about everything else!
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