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  1. A couple of weeks ago my friend and I were doing a spot of pike fishing as a result robin managed to to take what I though was a cool photo, I just wonder what is going through his mind. ( though this was going to be an easy lunch "not " ) :D :D lol david
  2. Thanks for all the replies I think the winner has to go to the week dead chub in the first post David :D
  3. Last week I went for a nice relaxing days fishing for roach, half way through the day I though that Moby dick was on the end of my line as was only using 4lbs main line and 2lbs hook link and size 18hook. I took my time and doing my best to keep what was on the end out the lilies, when I got quite a shock to see a pike on the end of my line (4.5lbs) when I eventually landed the pike my first though was that I had hooked a small fish and the pike had taken it, but no the hook was in the top lip still with three maggots. :o I was just wondering what strange things have happened t
  4. I don't have a preference as long the fish keep coming david :thumbs:
  5. I must thank every one that has put in a post it has made for good reading and some valid points David :D :D
  6. I normally go fishing on my push-bike so I have to take every thing that I need in a small rucksack, the point is why do so many people cart about so much equipment. I know that if your going to a match that you will take a lot as your trying to get as big a bag as possible but for the weekend fisherman like my self I don't see the need, or am i missing something david <_<
  7. One of the problems is the amount of elvers that are taken and at £400 a Kg it no wonder that eel stocks are down they should ban the fishing for elvers david
  8. Nice to see some good catches hope my luck changes soon had a few try s but no luck so far not striking at the right time but will get there soon david
  9. The mullet have returned I thought I would have a go at catching them. The grey mullet has a soft upper lip and all the people that i have talked to say that a size 10 hook is the best to use on a light rig any info would help thanks david :thumbs:
  10. yes i was sorry i did not get back to you robin and i went down and cleared up a lot of the c~~p on the spur of the moment one day but it was a waste of time as it is as bad as ever but i will keep in contact david
  11. I recently went for a bike ride down round some of the local streams where I live, (or burns in Scotland) as one of my friends had said that they had seen fish rising in one of them. So I though I would take a look around some of the sites, as most of them 35years were far to polluted to support any fish at all, at one of the streams I found signs of some one had been fishing So I though the next good day I would give it a try , it turned out to be quite productive the first catch was a small perch on a floating worm, but the next one was 3.5 lbs sea trout I was left speechless 3 mor
  12. Had to go for no 2 sorry for the late vote been away foe the past two months
  13. I was down Blackpool area last week and went day fishing got the day licence on-line had no problem's and just as well I had to give the ref number to the bailiff, so as long as you keep the ref number there should be no problem's David :thumbs:
  14. That idea has all ready been though of I-am going to try and get hold of the local pike club and see what they say as well as volunteering my services as well thank for the though :)
  15. This was an article in my local paper The Ayrshire Post the local farmer is fed-up with the amount of rubbish left and damage done to his property, the people involved should note that this is one of the few FREE fishing spots that is good for pike,perch and roach. I just wish people would clean up after them self and not leave hooks and line and other rubbish behind :angry:
  16. Try and find out when they have there delivery and try and not buy any just before they have it and go in after and get the fresh ones David :clap:
  17. As everyone said excellent report I wish I had the flair for writing that you have and you seem to have the luck every time there is a thunder storm the fishing goes dead. ps Keep them coming David
  18. Yes i agree if it had been raining i would have stopped as you quite rightly put it electricity will use the water on the rod
  19. I was using my fibreglass rod also there was no warning no rain or big black clouds
  20. The weather has finally broken so I though that I would go fishing today :D So I set off early this morning things were going well had a few over 2lbs then at 3pm some rumbles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then a big bang thunder and all the bigger fish went to ground and only the small ones would bite, this is the third time in the last month and a half this has happened :angry: The only thing to do was come home. Can`t control the weather but wish I could at times????? David
  21. Is it only Sea trout that have lice or do brown trout have them as well, I normally fish for coarse fish but went on my local river got a nice 1.5 lbs trout but it had a lot of lice on it Amy info would help David :rolleyes:
  22. V/impressed nice to see someone showing how its done and at a price that at least most people can afford, that is what is needed in the country now adapt and over come David :D
  23. has your head torch got a red filter? if no try to get a hold of one red light will not affect your night vision David :D
  24. Thanks a lot the links have helped this should help a lot will have to try it out this weekend thanks again David
  25. Sorry?? Yes I did mean the hook length and Bingo hit it right on the nail I have moved from sea fishing to fresh David thanks that's what i was looking for :D
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