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  1. Fishing: Is it just about catching fish? Or is there something else? This might sound strange to many but a recent post by me about looking for float fishing glides and the enjoyment this type of fishing made me wonder how others approached fishing. Is it simply the quest to catch the biggest, rarest, hardest fighting, or largest quantity of fish or is it simply enjoying an escape to the river bank and the chance to enjoy the surroundings whilst keeping an eagle eye on the progress of your float down the swim? What does fishing mean for you? What floats your boat in the world of an
  2. I live in London. I love the Wandle but it's less a float fishing river and better suited if you ledger. I guess fishing should be about catching fish but I quite simply love the technique of float fishing. I used to fish the Lee up by Welwyn Garden City and float fishing swims were there but limited.
  3. I've dropped out of angling pretty much for the past two seasons due to a serious cycling habit - but the allure of the rivers is drawing me back. Once June 16 hits I hope to wet a line. Unlike my my inventive fishing partners who employ a range of fishing techniques for a range of species, I will invariably drop into a trotting session with float and fixed spool reel (my centrepin days never really took off). I guess my hopes for next season include a summers day, sun shining (yes I know that knocks my chance of catching), hearing the water burbling past and my float smoothly ed
  4. I wouldn't worry. Mainly 'southern softies' lurking on here... Not about to pillage northern waters any time soon... I agree from my experience of catching dace that they like fast flowing gravel shallows. Any advice on what type of float and shotting pattern works well in these conditions?
  5. Hi Anderoo. Greetings too to Rusty. And the legendary dace snarer Plumb! And before this becomes an Oscars speech, everyone else who has replied.to the dace thread. Much appreciated. Let's sort out a day trip out to a small river to see what we can catch. I'd be happy to provide a small trophy to the winner of the Anglers Net Dace Dash... I'd particularly like the irony of the winner walking away with the trophy whilst people who caught large chub and barbel walking away empty handed... New river season a go go
  6. I must confess I spent nearly all of the last river season caught up with cycling training ... until with a week to go before the end of the season I ventured out to the River Avon near Salisbury... and how I missed it... And whilst I,caught bigger fish on the day, the 11 ounce dace, a new personal best, was the most rewarding. I've decided to get back onto the river bank again next season and target a new dace personal best. I believe some of the people that use this site - Chris Plumb take a bow - have caught dace over a pound. Respect. Whilst some anglers disdain dace, they surely are t
  7. Thanks for sharing. I've been away from angling and Anglers Net for a few months, busy cycling and running and busy on their forums, but your post has inspired me. Thanks for posting. The only sad thing is that torrential rain, certainly in my part of England, will make our rivers very difficult to fish over the next few days...
  8. I've had many a lovely hour fishing the Wandle. Although it meanders through South London, there are some surprisingly beautiful spots. OK, so occasionally you'd catch a shopping trolley or try to steer your float past a burnt out moped which had been dumped in the river, but it certainly had big fish... I just always caught the small ones... The Wandle Trust did a great job cleaning it up. They are now appealing for witnesses to the pollution incident: Wandle Trust
  9. OK folks - can I suggest it would be slightly more helpful to be discussing ways of combating the polluters that are killing our fish rather than having long drawn out discussions on how to kill them - the fish that is, not the polluters... Just a thought.
  10. A new pollution incident has occurred on the river Wandle, a chalk stream which flows through south London. It follows a fire at a sewage works at Beddington. It's not the first time it has been hit by pollution from these works. Back in 2007, chemicals leaked into the river, causing a massive loss of fish. The firm running the works was hit with a £50,000 fine and restocking took place which was just starting to show dividends, with people reporting better and better catch reports. Let's just hope that this incident isn't too devastating and that the firm running the sewage wo
  11. Not just me claiming it... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18678659 Article also notes a lack of sunshine. All a bit dull... but fish like that don't they?
  12. Last month has just been confirmed as the wettest June on record. How has this record rainfall affected fishing UK rivers for the better? I must confess that I haven't been out on rivers since last season - due to spending far too much time on a new racing bike which has proved a real health kick - but I fancy a slightly more sedentary weekend, albeit creeping a few miles up and down a river. I normally associate June with slightly sluggish rivers at a relatively low level compared with the last days of the previous season when conditions often begin to pick up after the end to fro
  13. Hi Anderoo Fishing season beckoning so back at Anglers Net I'm afraid... Spent the last three months cycling hundreds of kilometres a week in a bid to get fit and take my mind off the wonders of fishing the beautiful rivers we have in the UK. And which are open from Saturday. Yay! I've a book on my bookshelves by John Wilson casting doubt on whether the silver bream is a distinct species... Just a juvenile bronze bream? Not a viewpoint I agree with but thought it might be of interest to Anglers Net readers. Possibly tosh but clearly a viewpoint held by some anglers in the
  14. A friend told me that some of the angling forums appear to have rumours of a record chub of nine and a hlaf pounds coming out of the river Lea. Anyone heard anything? What a splendid fish if that is true. I'd just love to see photographs of this fish, let alone catch the monster!
  15. I reckon it might be a legitimate photo. Typical sub-editors mess-up though with a rather shambolic headline and photo caption...
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