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  1. Welcome back I've missed your posts Dave
  2. My uncle lives in spartanburg S.C and my cousin and his mother in law both have "lake houses" on lake Hartwell and although this lake is made up of lots of inlets and bays when travelling down the interstate you pass over one bay 17 miles later you pass over another bay then about 35 miles later you pass over it again. If you find Newt's lake on google maps then move west and slightly north you will find lake Hartwell then compare sizes it will give an idea of size. This was the first thing I did when reading Newt post. After traveling the carolinas Georgia I realised that I had no idea of
  3. Thanks for the replies As it seems there does not seem to be anything suitable readily available I started looking what I had got amongst my old stuff. Found 2 hollow glass rods that I had in the seventies with no names on and shakespeare firebird (carbon?) that I bought as part of a"job lot" when I started again about 7 years ago. Gave them all a waggle the Shakespeare had the softest tip so I sanded down slightly about 3" of the middle section and cut off the cork handle of one of the hollow glass rods and just pushed it in a real tight fit no glueing required at present it works ou
  4. Nicepix I think the other 2 may have better grasp of what I am after the cane rod maybe the the best rod but to quote Lutra a bit expensive to be "whacking trees" with Rob that rod might do the job but would like to be able to have a waggle first. Lutra I hadn't thought about the length difference of a fly rod but I had wondered how difficult it would be to control the reel at the "wrong" end of the handle as I support the end of the rod under my armpit. At least the fact that nobody has said that they use a different type of rod for trotting in the circumstances I described I no
  5. Recently I have started fishing a small river about 20 ft wide and between 6" and 3ft deep up til now nothing bigger than about 3/4lb. I wade and trot maggots normally with a centre pin. The problem starts with the amount of overhanging trees means that when re baiting or trying to unhook a fish I have to wade to an area where ther are no branches.I started with a 13ft Mach 3 lite which allowed me to set the hook better but the areas to fish were limited so I have tried a cheap 10ft rod that I bought for the kids to use from tescos but this seams to stiff. So I am looking for a 8/9ft r
  6. You can now pay over £2000 for a twig and go pole fishing
  7. I read the forum regularly more for entertainment/education as my "waters" don't equate to a lot that are written about but if I glean bit of information that I can use in the future or think about it's worthwhile. As for " what's best ......? Tackle changes regularly and a rod that was £130 new 2 years ago and better rods were available at that price is now available for £70 is a good buy. So a search of threads is not always relevant. Reading the forum there are various opinions and usually after reading 3 or 4 pages on a thread my thoughts/opinion on the subject has already been cov
  8. I think every lake should have an area that is impossible to access/cast to because when you aren't catching you know where the fish are and then sit contemplating how to fish that area but know that it is impossible. A bait boat would take that part of fishing away and I would not have an excuse for blanking.
  9. Managed 3 trips out with my 'pin beginning of last week Sunday local club lake that the water was so low and the banks so high a rods length out was not in the water so after 1 1/2 hours gave up as most of my attempts at casting were not in the water. Tuesday day ticket water that I knew that I would probably catch something at a rods length out but during the day I was getting about 20 yds out occassionally by pulling two loops of line back and pulling bottom loop to start the pin turning as casting. I also tried to start the pin turning with a flick of my thumb as casting but couldn
  10. Sportsman From what I remember of your posts over the years you used to live and fish mainly the rivers in Scotland. I've never been that far north so can only only read learn and enjoy and recently moved to France and are now learning and experiencing a different type of fishing. The fact that you are able to fish for carp roach etc in your own pool is probably the envy of many but people who haven't got that opportunity and have to fish a commie are derided on here I fish day ticket waters that don't have too many people on as I like the peace quiet as much as the catching but I w
  11. I have been an avid reader for about 5 years now since started fishing again and this is the only forum I bothered to register on. I have learnt a lot of this forum don't agree with everyones views and don't post very often as I feel in almost all topics I have either no or very little experience to add. When I asked about a centre pin the first post back was use search this I had already done and the results were old and prices of the reels irrelevant,however I also got a link to one for sale by a member which I purchased. When someone asks which? Models prices quality availibity all
  12. Too late I experienced my first spin in the privacy of my own house on Weds, and I think I'm now going to have to carry on doing it outside in public next week. Dave
  13. I am going to buy the Adcock Stanton that Steve has for sale.I don't know if it will be suitable for my usagebut it will certainly look nice in a cabinet if it isn't and the price is good.thanks for the link Tigger. Alan Roe Posted Today, 11:02 AM My recommendation would be the Okuma Adventa Pro apart from the colour difference with the Sheffield the pro has the advantage of having the handles set a little further in towards the center of the drum which is a major bonus when Wallis casting as it greatly reduces the chances of getting your knuckles rapped
  14. As the title I want a centre pin for Christmas budget around £150. I have been fishing the Severn and some of ,it 's tributaries above shrewsbury and would like to try a centre pin.The 2 rods I have to usecit with are a korum 12ft neotoric float and a Mach 3 xl lite 13ft. Visits to the 2 local shops the only reel I saw was the okuma Martin James at £209 the other shop recommended the greys berwick at £199. So all my looking has been done on the Internet . Looking around TFG is now £50 okuma aventa pro £110 was a Leeds went on eBay for £60 and watching a berwick and a few others but I hav
  15. Not wishing to start an argument but more some questions about the effects of a natural or regular occurrence on the fishing in a swim ie the dog swims there every night. The swans that are about all the time. The herd of heifers that follow you along the river bank when you are trying to be quiet and keep back from the skyline. Then the next question would be if you are casting in heavy swim feeders and some kids on their way home from school chucked some stones in the river as they do every night would you ask them to stop,come on here moan about them,or just think it would have no effect.Do
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