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  1. i always thought that beard and long mac where a suspicious combo
  2. i fish on a water where boilies are banned and started using dynamite baits pre-drilled pellets and have caught a good few fish on them large bream and tench as well as carp worth while picking a bag up and giving them a go you wont have any problems with them coming off and as someone said you can experiment by adding flavour to them although they work pretty good at tempting fish as they are out the pack
  3. i can also vouch for the okuma, great little reel
  4. my local tackle shop as some dodgy spools of line that look like they have been in there since about 1970 on sale buying line as always puzzled me with all the diameters and colours and little numbers that i have no clue about i usually just go for a name i have heard mentioned or know and trust although i am sure some of the less known manufactures do some top quality stuff too, but when the float goes under or the tip swings round and you know its a good fish its always good to have confidence in your gear
  5. I live within walking distance of a lake which is a cheap day ticket water(3 quid IF anyone bothers coming round) its not over stocked and fishes well but its in the middle of an housing estate and seems to be a magnet for cider drinking teenagers, lager drinking anglers and general idiots i dont tend to fish it often or for long sessions just when i get a spare hour and there is nothing on the telly or just for some fresh air but 9 of 10 times i go there i swear its the last time. Last night i arrived at 7pm and fished at the end furthest away from the road where the yobs seem to
  6. the guy as made a mistake by making generalizations the same as the people on here calling him a nazi'
  7. i have seen people saying the guy deserves all kinds seems people want to fight ignorance with violence i think coming up with a solution to the problem and recommending it to him might be a better thing to do rather than wasting time battering with him abuse,
  8. you probably clap eyes on the same big fish a few sessions and dont realize its the same one and more than likely some numpty as given it a name
  9. the one i have targeted is in a small pool thats not over fished its owned by a local factory who have a fishing club, but isnt one of there popular waters and isnt too accessible, so i think most people have been put off, i dont think its hard to catch because of over fishing but for the opposite reason that its used to little human presence plus the lake is rather over grown and can be only be fished properly from a few areas, every time i go there and i see it up in the water i cant help but want to throw a bait near it i dont fish anywhere that has fish with pet names or w
  10. i was talking to a friend the other day about the fish we have seen several times cruising round under the surface or have heard or seen pictures of from other local anglers. there is a golden orfe/ide in one of the ponds i fish that often feeds with a should of rudd just under the surface that i have tried to catch for 3 years now with no luck and have pulled baits away from double sized carp to try and catch it. also in another lake there is a large common carp with marking on its scales (that makes it recognisable) that likes to torment anglers by swimming just under the surface, s
  11. there are a few little ponds on waste ground a few miles from here, mainly fished by the kids as its free i am not sure who owns the land but as a youngster i used to spend hours down there with an old fibre glass rod donated to me by my uncle catching roach and perch (i dont think there was any other species in there) but i have heard that all fish in there have gone which people have decided is down to the polish netting them out, which i doubt is true and is probably more down to all the crap people throw in there, either way its a shame that the place that was a habitat f
  12. sorry i cant help with your question but where abouts in lancashire is your water ? if its day ticket i would like to give it a go as thats in my traveling range
  13. is that the one with that pillock from big brother or something in it ?
  14. i havent spoke to the farmer personally but i have spoke to a few of the lads who up until now have ran the water and they said that the plan is to add a much larger lake and the lake at the top is to have proper pegs put in and restocked, i just hope they dont ruin the place too much, every visit i have always had a decent catch on the float and dont know why the place would need restocking if its possible to catch a decent amount of fish, and the fact that its a good mixed fishery means when the float goes under it could be anything, hopefully he will keep the balance, and from m
  15. i have been fishing a local water for some time now i used to fish it as a child and i got back into fishing about 3 years ago and managed to get a membership to a local farm pond which was ran by my friends dad and a few others a few people on there books paying 15 a year to be a member and when the books are full it is only when someone doesn't renew there permit can someone new be issued a permit the water was always clean and never over fished with some decent fishing and no idiots or rules apart from take care of the fish and use common sense but last night i heard that after
  16. it doesnt seem to have been a problem so far i have been using more of a ground bait mix and it seems to all come off but i never thought that bits may get caught on the shot i have only tried it on one session but it seemed to work well but might cause problems on other venues or sessions so i may have to find a new way of getting loose feed down to the bottom without disturbing the swim
  17. i never take any notice to what is printed on the float i have found it is better just to shot it until it looks right to you
  18. i have been catching mainly crucians and bream but also picked up a few tench and a 6lb common carp, i have found in the past that getting fish into the swim early on is the key but it can take a while before bites start to develop after balling in groundbait, lowering in a ball of the paste mix pressed to the bottom shots doesnt seem to spook any fish that are already in the swim and gets the loose feed down to the bottom without it getting hovered up by small fish higher in the water cheers for all the help andy
  19. i tried a mix similar to the one suggested by andy and it works great. fished with a float set down slightly over depth so that just the tip breaks the surface with 3 small shot just off the bottom, with some of the paste loosely pressed on to the the bottom shot with corn and pellets added, and the hook laying on the bottom a few inches so as the paste softens in the water the float breaks free after a few seconds and rises up pulling your hook bait next to the pile of paste/pellet mix on the bottom i am sure someone on here can suggest a way of improving the tactic and it would pr
  20. i keep a small garden pool with a few koi and orf but i have noticed red worms have started breading in one of my filter boxes which is filled with small stones bought from an aquatic center and a few layers of sponges i dont know what they are eating in there or how they are surrving in such damp conditions but once or twice a week there is about ten of them wriggling on the top sponge, my pond fish seem to gobble them up and they seem in good condition would it be ok to try these worms on as bait or would it be not a good idea considering they come from water that goes threw my gard
  21. i have a lake that is within walking distance of where i live but the problem with it isnt over stocking of carp or the types of anglers fishing for them, its the 100s of kids that drink there and throw rubbish all over the banks and deposit shopping trolleys and other presents into the swims but cos its so close i find myself sitting there and every time i catch a fish there is a chav pedalling a bmx at you shouting he as got one and then the usually questions of "what have caught in here my brother caught a 20lb carp on saturday" if you are not limited to this lake i would go else w
  22. i will definitely give that recipe a go cheers andy
  23. i have found a shop that does little tubs of salmon flavoured sandwich paste for 20p and even though i doubt it contains much salmon and wouldnt want it on a sandwich it seems to work great kneaded in to ground bait, it seems to effect the rate at which the ground bait breaks down so it might not do for all situations but the big bream on one of the lakes that i fish seem to like it, the lake is pretty deep and it seems to be stopping the ground bait from breaking up before getting down to the bottom and seems to be adding a bit of extra attraction
  24. mike1234

    At last!

    well done nice fish and now you have had one i am sure there will be many more, i would love the chance to go after barbel but i dont live anywhere near a river and plucking one from a commercail lake wouldn't interest me
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