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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHDlJPmhBsg&fbclid=IwAR2DnDGHntQuy0r4DEpGjG11baO_vbRyH5QnIMTcRJNmv5KXNPpG3sihFBU
  2. Trumps latest 'beauty' is his warning announcement at his rally in Florida of an 'incident' (terrorist) which happened in Sweden supposedly on Friday night... There was, of course, no terrorist or refugee-related incident in Sweden on Friday, as Swedes have been pointing out since his silly remark. Is this 'false news thing'?
  3. ''...He is mentally ill and that fact should concern us all' I suspect that some may challenge you on your statement concerning Trump's mental health, citing your lack of qualifications to pronounce him mentally 'ill' and the absence of any valid diagnosis to that effect. However in a little more than 'Lay' terms I agree with you. Based upon his actions and significantly what he says there is a strong case to locate the 'dirty Donald' as quite nuts. There have been a number of diagnostic tests/observations on him sadly so far from a distance. A very compelling one is the 'Hare Psychopathy Checklist' (criminal psychologist Robert Hare), a triage tool used to separate the injured the tripping and the psychopathic. The subject is scored 0, 1 or 2 on each of 20 items of the test. (total of 40) anything over 30 indicates the potential for. psychopathy...any honest and objective application gives Trump a score of 30 plus, the benchmark to indicate the presence of psychopathy...look it up and try it. The man himself advances unhampered by science or any other attempt at 'truth' (admittedly an ambiguous concept in itself), for during his presidential campaign he freely diagnosed medical illness to others, for example, he called Lindsey Graham “a nut job,” Glenn Beck “a real nut job,” and Bernie Sander a wacko''. Has maintained that Ben Carson's got a “pathological disease,” and asked of Barack Obama: “Is our president insane?” He called Ted Cruze,“unstable “unhinged, a little bit of a maniac,” and “crazy or very dishonest.” He also called the entire CNBC network ''crazy''and Megan Kelly “crazy”on at least six occasions.
  4. There is probably lots more to say about Trump, as his is a story unfolding by the day. For some reason of other people started talking about Brexit in here.
  5. Well whose opinions would you prefer that I/we post....someone else's, ones that you prefer to hear perhaps? Was that reply the one that you state that am 'not worthy of'? If so you are confusing if not confused. Make you mind up and have the courage of your convictions, either continue to make replies or don't. just put your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala so you don't hear anyone else's views. (Or in this case where the words are written, cover your eyes and don't read anything which counters what you think.)
  6. Have look at the top of the page, this thread is about Trump and not Brexit, or are you confused enough to imply that everyone who signed the petition to ask for Trump's state visit to be stopped also voted to remain in the EU, and therefore there is some link?...or perhaps you are just simply confused, a bit like when we walk into a room and wonder why we are there? Many of us who voted to remain in the EU, do accept that referendum's result, albeit the effect of collective gullibility following wholesale lying. However that does not mean that we have to like seeing what was once a country we considered a decent one committing socio-political suicide. For the sake of the structure of this place, put any replies to this in the appropriate thread.
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/brexit-european-migrants-immigration-figures-eu-workers-decline-desert-theresa-may-trouble-a7583376.html
  8. Huge_Vitae, on 15 Feb 2017 - 23:59, said: 16 Million who voted for what?
  9. There is a lot of talk on this subject on the major issues, the state of the pound, defense, or 'own' laws, immigration, border controls, the cost of fuel(s) and all that 'macro stuff. I have thought of it like this, 'will I be happier living outside of the EU'?(micro stuff) and I can't see how I would. I don't see how belonging to an independent nation makes one more British or English (or whatever), I am uneasy with nationalism anyway. From what I read the whole process of independence, specifically the writing up of new laws will take longer then my expected lifetime. I hope, but it is by no means certain that the newly constituted country will protect the environment. At my micro level I have already been affected by dramatic price rises of commodities which have a knock on effect of some of the materials I buy. These rises happened on the 26th June last year, as soon as the referendum result was announced. Not devastating, but significant. Sadly I am a regular user of the NHS, I imagine that others among you are too, it seems to go with the turf when getting on a bit. So I am probably not alone in experiencing the difficulties that the NHS seems to have, specifically waiting times for both GP / nurse appointments and for specialists too. As part of their industrial scale lying the brexiteers strongly implied that the money saved from being out of the EU would be diverted into the health service,only to be told after the vote that they were 'only kidding' or words to that effect. The new 'free' Britain may be able to give us an equal or better health service, but I don't know, nor does anyone else and that about sums this whole thing up, for me anyway, uncertainty.
  10. Those of us who 'signed' the online protest regarding Trump's official visit to the UK received this response from the government. The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.”. Government responded: Dear (Whoever) HM Government believes the President of the United States should be extended the full courtesy of a State Visit. We look forward to welcoming President Trump once dates and arrangements are finalised. HM Government recognises the strong views expressed by the many signatories of this petition, but does not support this petition. During her visit to the United States on 27 January 2017, the Prime Minister, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, invited President Trump for a State Visit to the UK later this year. The invitation was accepted. This invitation reflects the importance of the relationship between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. At this stage, final dates have not yet been agreed for the State Visit. Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  11. How do you logically move from the US becoming a rouge state to female genital mutilation? Are you trying to make the case that because there are other bad thing happening in the world then this particular problem (Trump) should be ignored? For if you are then you are truly applying 'playground' logic. Many of us do not share your conviction that the US should be left to it's own devices without even a squeak of protest from the rest of the world, a world which is likely to be significantly affected negatively by Trump et al. It was the collective stupidity of millions of the US electorate which created this mess to begin with, as I have implied, I sincerely hope that there are structures within the US to resolve it, however I don't see it as your 'waste of time' to let them know how we feel about it rather than sit passively by.
  12. As far as the 1.8 million people signing a petition to keep Trump out, what a waste of time! No, it's not a waste of time at all, Even though most of us probably knew that the government would not support the petition. Reminiscent of 2003 when we marched in our millions to protest the illegal invasion of Iraq, we knew then that the hawks would have their way, ans so they did, and to our national shame we were part of it. however to at least make one's beliefs known and get up and actually do something feels better then sitting passively by. I hope, oh I really hope, that your analysis of the situation is right, for all our sake, however i believe that you are underestimating the potential for disaster. This isn't just an American problem, it's of global concern in terms of the danger of armed conflicts and of environmental calamity. For me when anyone who isn't an American teenager says glib and highly pompous things like, '' fs, get real, wake up and see the real world...'' then the credibility of their position plumments sharply.
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/donald-trump-state-visit-protest-stop-trump-uk-britain-protest-birmingham-owen-jones-a7576211.html
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