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    Main interest fishing!<br /><br />I first started sea fishing and was introduced to carp fishing within the last year and have loved it ever since!!
  1. To be honest with ya for first time carp anglers u can pick up some cheap deals rod and reels included which wud be a gr8 start! Martin
  2. Need some advice! I am doing everything by the book and trying my own ways but i still havent caught a Carp since going to France last May! its doing me in Any new ways to try wud be greatfully received!!! Martin
  3. I have been looking into them as well, gonna give them a try so let us know how u get on!!! Martin
  4. Hi all its been a while! how is every1 and how is ur fishing going? I know i havent been online for ages but that is about to change!! So how is every1s fishing going?? Mine is going ok but very slowly, but i just gotaa stick with it!! Any new tricks ppl wanna share?? Wud love to know some to help my fishing!! Wud be good to hear from u all!! All the best!! Martin
  5. Hi all been a while since i had a post so a quick hello So how was every1s 2010 fishing adventures?? Mine was ok! spent most of the year trying new things! but the lake if fish is a hard water so not much joy!! but still gonna try harder this year! I would love to know how every1s year went! maybe send some tips my way all the best Martin (fatzy)
  6. the link to your site doesnt work!! wats the address?? martin
  7. To be honest carp will eat anything and everything so my suggestion is to try different bait! but the matrix boilie works well any where! i like fishing with different types of boilies but my favourite has to be mainline - fusion boilies. Try as many as u can but beware not to use to many different types in 1 session! if u catch dont swap to the same bait on ll rods always try something different u never know! Martin (FaTzy)
  8. Any1 know of any carp lakes in ireland (north or south)?? was thinkin about going to see my family over there thought i wud do a spot of fishing as well! any ideas??? Martin (FaTzy)
  9. Hi to be honest with ya i agree with dales but most fisheries do not mind what you use as long as you treat the fish with great care! as long as you and your son are comfy then it shudnt matter!!! the best thing u can do is find the lakes u wish to fish and do a few days there and when u both are ready to do the night ask if the will allow tents!! You wont need a 2 man bivvy if you travel light but there are some bivvys you can get 2 in, with a squeze! i have seen so many different bivvy/tents on the bank to last me a life time! dont forget u can get a brolly system for cheap as well which
  10. To be honest the last few replys are bang on! u need to get use to match fishing!! but i know how u feel cos my lil brohter of 11 is in the same boat and i have tried to tell him to master float fishing before carping! there is so much more to fishing then just catching! as u get older u will understand! but if u want to catch carp u need to go somehwere that they will teach u how to fish! give it time and u will et there! its not easy as every1 makes out! it have taken me 2 1/2 years to catch 1 fish from my local lakes but thats wat u gotta deail with! not all the top fisher men/women
  11. you could always have a look on this site http://www.scottishcarpgroup.co.uk/
  12. have u not tried lookin at the boarders of england and scotland maybe there are some carp lakes! i will have alook on the net to see if there is any carp lakes in scotland but where are u?? will let u know if any thing comes up! tight lines martin
  13. Hi all i do alot of fishing at DDAPS this is my local fisherie, i mianly fish Brookland lakes in dartford. i was just wondering if any1 fished it as well and any tips wud be helpfull. here is the site any1 got pics of fish they have caught from ddaps lakes wud be lovely if u cud send them to the site!!! http://www.ddaps.org/ tight lines Martin
  14. Just been looking at the rod licence price and cant believe that its gone up by £1 but i dont mind payin it as long as somethin is being done around the country! The link to the page is ... http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homea...hing/31497.aspx Tight lines Martin
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