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  1. Totally bizarre that they are aloud to make these claims... Where is our angling trust stepping in and saying enough is enough?!
  2. See Link for item... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...:L:LCA:GB:1123 ... PM me on here for more details Thanks,
  3. I have for sale a Garbo Squad Max Comp 7 for sale. It is 12 months old and as I have done a lot of my fishing over the summer at cob house I have used very little of the sections above 6+7 . The pole is a delight to use and served me well after selling my power legion. I have used it at 16m and it is a bit tricky but 14.5 is no problems and 13m is excellent. The manufactures spec states it handles like a pole double its price point, this would be £1100 and at 13m I would say they are spot on. Package: 16m pole. 2 Match 3's (1 with middy double 3-4 1 with solid maver
  4. As the topic title suggests I am wondering about the effect to fish behaviour and feeding after an inch and a half layer of ice has melted into the water of a lake? Thank you
  5. I haven't been out since september due to new job giving me lots of work to do and my rugby playing commitments!! It has been even more frustrating taking the school team out on wednesdays but not being able to join in!! It is going to be freezig this weekend but I am venturing out this sunday to my club's silver fish pool and going to nail a good number of roach, I can feel it!! I am really confident of bagging some great sport on casters, chopped worm and pinkies!! Who knows the odd chub and bream may fancy a nibble!! This time last year when I finished work for christmas I was catching
  6. Smashing your rig or worse getting a huge birds nest tangle in a rig from getting it caught around something on your seatbox..... makes my blood boil!! The term "any good" used by nosey anglers who know that I am doing very well and simply want to know what I am doing differently to them!! Perch swallowing the hook so bloody deep it is easier to get the hook out the other end!! Floating casters!! Dropping or spilling a tub of bait!! Snagging!! Bream slime!! Not alot really then haha!!
  7. I haven't been on here for ages so hi everybody again!! What a great post to see, I am planning a trip (1st one in 2 months, much needed) to the teme/severn meet this sunday and am targeting roach!! I am taking feeder gear and trotting gear..... but the thing that I am really interested in using is fake baits oooooooooooh i am told the eels are not fussed on these and I have been plagued by these on previous trips!! lets hope a decent roach comes my way!! I haven't been on here for ages so hi everybody again!! What a great post to see, I am planning a trip (1st one in 2 months, muc
  8. The worcester teme and severn stretches are dead!! loads of my club members are really quite unhappy!!
  9. I shall I answer your question and not rant on what a whip is and isn't!! The idea is for the elastic to tire the fish out eventually and so the elastic moves in!! If you are struggling with too much elastic going out/being stretched you may have too light an elastic and have to alter that for the fish you are targeting... alternatively you may have too much elastic set up so you may shorten the amount of elastic within the pole... Finally when you are playing the fish do not exert too much pressure, fish react in a mirrored effect to this, you pull hard they pull hard.... a famous saying
  10. However very important as you won't get a bite afterwards if you do not wipe it off!! not sure what it is but it spooks them off feeding?!?!
  11. Crucian carp..... beautiful fish, fun once hooked, frustrating and challenging to hook and finally every time I catch one it seems as if they are pulling a grumpy victor meldrew face as if to say "ohhh I cannot beliiiiiiieeeeeeeeve it, T have been caught, mutter mutter mummgle grumble"
  12. If you want to sink your line whip the rod tip under the water as soon as you have finished your follow through, wait for the float to settle then bring in the slack!! I like to use floats that I have to loadf myself so I can decide how much I want to sink the float!! Hope that helps!!
  13. a days bream fishing and make sure you wash your nets!! the slime goes very crusty and awfully smelly afterwards!! but it tastes nice
  14. surely you would use your pole then??
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