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  1. nothing managed about that wood. other that british water digging new waste pipes
  2. andy-g

    Photo Of The Day.

    Some Cracking shots still not managing to get out much myself..but took a few last weekend Who said motor bikes wasn't dangerous ?
  3. andy-g

    Photo Of The Day.

    Hope every one is good don't get much time to pop in nowadays thought i would add a pic
  4. http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=51.342019&a...r=0&src=msl
  5. andy-g

    Photo Of The Day.

    Dinosaur's eat some funny things
  6. loving the first pic
  7. have you got the adblocker set up?
  8. so i dont enter the comps so have no valid opinion all i read in your posts are moan moan moan,your like a stuck record. just get the camera out, take pictures and enjoy, lifes way too short.
  9. from memory it says should be available and you may be asked to submit the original i for one save my images as "save for web" as i find them better ,but this removes the exif but i do save all the originals its not like we are trying to win a new car just posting a few pics for fun and hoping for the odd good one
  10. SW you need to take up knitting....
  11. I always use www.photobucket.com just because its simple
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