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  1. Not funny at all, but hard to hold back an ironic smile when you think he's the founder of a TV station designed to put forward moderate Islamic views, yup beheading your missus should help the cause
  2. Quite right Alan, people have to be responsible for their own actions. Years ago though banks behaved in a more socially responsible way, restricting those who unfortunately were not so financially aware as others. I've no doubts they were protecting the banks against bad debts as well. Doesn't produce enough money for the greedy beggars in todays world.
  3. The arrogance of these people is quite stunning Ken isn't it, hauled up before the MP's they still insisted they'd done nothing wrong & could not be held accountable for the banking collapse. One even insisted he was a victim as well, losing millions off his shares...my heart bleeds for him Incidentally, I watched a BBC commentator actually say on a news program, that everything was being critiscised on the basis of hindsight which makes it much easier to point a finger, his inference was nobody said anything at the time Now maybe it's just me, but I remember lots in the newspapers about critiscisms of 6 times your wage loans, the obscene bonus system, the trillion pound personal debt that the populace had wracked up, the unsustainable house prices etc etc. All were quoted to highlight the fragile nature of our economy. Also wasn't the government warned 12 mths in advance of the Icelandic collapse & chose to ignore!
  4. I'm not being evasive Cory, but if you read my post again you'll find it answers your question quite clearly.
  5. Of course we don't have the right to treat animals this way & of course PETA are right, but Cory has been irresponsible to highlight it using a PETA standpoint. This isn't earth shattering news, we all know it. The reality is, we need to start charging the proper price for meat to allow the farmers to raise free range animals with a reasonable quality of life, & a quick & relatively painfree end. But of course, until we can balance the cost so as not to return to the days when to have meat was a Sunday treat for people on low incomes, then we have to continue to try & educate the consumer & rein in the supermarkets using responsible organisations. To use an extreme organisation such as PETA to highlight an obvious problem, risks giving them credibility with the public.
  6. Right on the mark with that one steve, apart, Lennon & McCartney wrote some great songs but clearly did not reach the stratospheric levels of their combined talents. One of the big disappointments for me was to see how George Harrisons song writing ability plummeted when the Beatles split up, he needed l & M far more than they needed each other. Quite agree with what you're saying about that list Leon, but still surprised to see the Rolling Stones so far down the pecking order considering they were on the go at the same time, & are still releasing music today.
  7. Blimey there's a task & a half, pick your favourite Beatles song Lets see, Back in the USSR, Revolution (fast version), Bulldog, Paperback writer, Hey Jude, Tomorrow never knows, Norwegian Wood, this is silly I'll be here all night! I was looking at some music stats the other night, & it probably won't come as any surprise to find out the Beatles have sold more records than anybody else in history. Apparently there are only 3 acts that have amassed 1 billion sales, 2nd & 3rd are Elvis & Bing. Quite something when you consider the fab 4 only had 10 years recording as opposed to Elvis & Bing who both had very extensive recording careers. It's a very interesting list to look at, you will be shocked by the big names that languish well down the pecking order, perhaps suggesting more music & fashion industry favourites rather than customer favourites.
  8. Great post Newt, unfortunately it's great because we can identify with its content. But to be fair to the Health & safety executive, it's often the prats who interpret the HSE that are the problem, overzealous jobsworths with a need to control lives but unfortunately don't have the required level of common sense to do the job properly.
  9. I was just wondering whether or not we can blame Newt in ADVANCE. I have a number of tasks coming up at work, & if things go wrong & I have to take the blame on the flimsiest of reasons, ie I organised & run the jobs, it's going to take the shine off Christmas. But if I can blame Newt in advance of any work problems, the pressures off no matter what happens, & I can then enjoy Christmas Seems reasonable.
  10. What an awful shock to open my mail tonight & see that email from Elton. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr wigglys posts & his superb photos, we certainly have lost a very valued & talented member of this forum. My heartfelt condolences to all his family.
  11. Brilliant Newt, I have a sneaky feeling Sunday dinner going to upset the mother in law this week Hope you & Jan have a good thanksgiving.
  12. Excellent HB, I'm just picking myself up off the floor & going for a warm sweet cup of tea to calm down.
  13. I admire your principles Challenge, if not your descriptive use of words (I think the evil tyrants mentioned accounted for 80m dead minimum, puts the grocers daughter to shame) I'll just accept that once again it proves the point that Maggie must be the most polarizing & keenly felt issue for Britons over the last 30yrs & nobody ever seems to change sides.
  14. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday MrM & if your having a bevvy or two have one for me
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