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  1. Hiya I've been to Woodlakes where we had a lodge on a corner plot of the lake. It was great. We caught on all the lakes but we mainly fished outside our lodge. After 6hours of sitting in the pouring rain, watching this large carp swimming in the margins, I was about to give it up but, being the stubborn woman I am, I stuck it out. It took a few pieces of luncheon meat, a bit of sweetcorn and a couple of fishmeal boilies to tempt a beautiful common carp in perfect condition. It was my dad's last holiday with us and I proudly carried the fish up to the lodge to show him. He said at last I've
  2. Thanks, do you know how big the fish are in the lakes? thanks
  3. Anyone been to Brompton Lakes near Richmond in Yorkshire?
  4. Hi Jim I bought a suit which at first I thought was so big and heavy that I'd never wear it. But as the rain continued to fall on our holiday I thought I'd be going home without catching anything so decided to grin and bear it with the suit. Hey, 6hrs later and still bone dry inside my bib and brace and jacket helped me catch a 22lb 14oz common. If I'd not worn the suit I wouldn't have caught the fish!! At first I thought the suit was too heavy and felt like a spaceman walking in it but after a short time I got used to it. Yes it kept my aging body very warm. The suit was a Ron Thompson I
  5. Hi Gary I went to Woodlakes in 2007 and it was great but for personal reasons I won't go back there. I sat for 6 hrs in pouring rain watching a big carp swimming backwards and forwards in front of me and kept thinking to myself "I'm having that one" and I did. 21lb 14oz common. Lodges on site were good too. Friendly people on site. Wouldn't mind going to North Norfolk or Oxfordshire. Regards Sue
  6. Can anyone advise please? I'm looking for a holiday venue no more than 150 miles from Lincoln, Lincolnshire. I need accommodation for 5 people with fishing lake on site (carp fishing). Any help is appreciated but must say we can't stay in a caravan. Thanks a lot Sue
  7. Hi Ian Can you please let me know how it goes, especially which lodge you are staying in and how easy it is to walk to the lakes. Thanks Sue
  8. Hi Thanks for the info. I have had an email to say there is at least carp to 20lb in one lake. Liked the look of the website. Thanks Sue
  9. Hi Thanks for your reply but are you sure you mean the same Pitlands because I have their website as www.pitlandsfarm.co.uk and they have 2 lakes which can be seen from the lodges? I know I'm not from your area but the owner has emailed me with various pictures of the lakes so now I'm confused!! Although, I have never tried river fishing, I've been tempted to try. Regards Sue
  10. Hi Everyone Am looking at booking a holiday at Pitlands Farm, Clifton on Teme and wondered if anyone has fished there? Any help appreciated. Thanks Sue
  11. Hi everyone We are looking to go to Moor Farm Stable Cottages at Foxley near Dereham. Has anyone been here as they have a pond on the farm and a lake across the village road which is run by the local fishing club. Any help appreciated. Cheers Sue the learner
  12. Thank you to all who have replied. I will check out all the ideas and I am sure that I will be able to pick a suitable venue with all your help. T H A N K Y O U SUE
  13. Hi Everyone Someone out there must be able and willing to help me to find some sanity in this fishing world. Are you the one to help? ALL I WANT IS a venue for carp fishing with lake(s) on site and accommodation on site too. I would like to visit either LANCASHIRE, OXFORDSHIRE or NORFOLK and am looking for help as we may also have a disabled angler with us. We went to DOCKLOW POOLS this year and it was great but we want to go somewhere different. Someone has mentioned the following and I wondered if any one has been to any of the places. (1)CLAYLANDS IN LANCASHIRE (2)HOBORNE COTSWOLD (3
  14. Hi Try http://www.gethooked.co.uk Sue
  15. Thanks you Jean and Judy for the information. Hope you catch well Judy. Cheers Sue
  16. Anyone been to Lonsdale Park, Cumbria? What's it like? Any help appreciated. Cheers Sue
  17. thanks badexcuseforanangler I'm waiting for an email back from them. What did you catch and on what lake? Thanks Sue
  18. thanks bluezulu. we won't have kids as they have all grown up. Sue
  19. Thanks for the website details Sue
  20. Hi everyone Would like to go to Docklow Pools near Leominster Herefordshire for a fishing holiday. Anyone know anything about it? Apparently there is accommodation and 8/9 lakes/pools with carp to 30lb. Any help appreciated. Cheers Sue
  21. Hi everyone Thank you all for your help regarding Hunter's Moon fishing. We have just returned from our holiday and had a great time. Carp to 12lb and loads of tench. Lakes were shallow and silty but gave us 2 weeks of fun. Others had larger carp out but we are beginners so 12lb is good for us. Lodges great and I'd go back there again. Thanks again for your help Sue
  22. Oh Heck, I've just looked at DG's profile and seen what job he does! Sue
  23. Working with the kind of clients I meet every day I am not offended easily and can take positive critisism as well as amusing remarks. But if anyone wants to throw their toys out of their pram, please do. Remember, you have to pick them up again!!! Seriously, I am grateful for any help. Sue
  24. Looks like I really screwed that one up doesn't it? Sorry I should have included everyone's name, but hey, I'm not perfect and have my blonde moments. So to all the following: Cyranne 12 blankedagain The Diamond Geezer Pangolin Glenn B THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND HELP, IT IS MOST APPRECIATED. NO OFFENCE MEANT JUST HAVING BAD HAIR DAY!!! SUE
  25. Hi Glenn Thanks for the details of the lakes. I'm really looking forward to my holiday now. Where we fish here in Lincoln is great but I like a challenge and new venues are just that. Regards Sue
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