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  1. Steve, a big thanks to you and everyone involved in this years' Wingham Fish-In. As promised, piccy of my new PB tench of 9lb 4oz attached below. Thanks again, tight lines, Gadget
  2. Steve, I here what you say re banksticks. I have however got a solar globetrotter pod with 38 inch front legs when fully extended as per the attached piccy. Will this suffice or do you still suggest the single sticks? Stuart
  3. Fingers crossed for the start of May!, Stuart
  4. Steve, I'll keep an eye open for the list opening as would be graet to join the fish-in... Stuart
  5. Bluezulu, Thks for your response... As far as Steve Bruce is concerned may he drown in his own p*ss !!. Rgds, Stu
  6. A colleague at work is taking his 9 year old Godson to Broadwater Lake for a days fishing but knows nothing about the venue. Any tips / info greatfully appreciated. Rgds, Stu
  7. Tony, May well be worth you having a chat with Mike Willmot of Essential Baits fame as I'm pretty certain that his recent book was a DIY job. Good luck, Gadget
  8. Neal, For any info on Les Quis suggest you phone and speak to the guys at The Tackle Box in Dartford on 01322 292400. Can't comment on Croix Blanche as a fishery but I did have a long chat with Gareth at one of the Carp Society Conferences and he seemed a good guy. Re Maleon, I was out there this time 5 years ago. It's changed hands since 1998 but I will private mail you re my experiences from back then. What about GTS tours to Jonquoy. Don't over-look Tim Clegg-Jones organised trips to this small (by French standards) but awesome lake. Top Bloke, Top Fishing and 1st Class S
  9. Had a walk around last weekend. V-nice set-up but not for me !!!. Membership costs £75 per year (1st Jan-31st Dec) plus £12 per 3 rod day or £20 per 3 rod 24 hour (the longer you stay the cheaper it gets). Membership covers North lake and Pullens, there will be a 3rd membership lake opening later this year to be included . North lake is 6 acres and stocked with approx 250 carp up to 40lb, 30 catfish up to 50lb and lots of pike to 25lb. Pullens is 3 acres and stocked with only carp from mid doubles to early 30's. Also 4 x mixed Carp / Coarse Lakes available on a day ticket
  10. Never had them myself but the bloke I sit with at work bought 3 and couldn't wait to sell them on after he'd used them once !!!. He said they were not for him as they were too heavy / un-responsive and that he dropped several fish on them but with regards to casting they could chuck a big bait miles !!!.
  11. Anyone know of a phone number / website for the above fishery ???. Gadget
  12. Whoopy doooo - so there's two new appointments at the Carp Society..... It doesn't however make a blind bit of difference to the fact that the £25'ish for membership is in my opinion still way over the top for what's on offer !!!. Used to be a member up until 2 years ago but not anymore. That's not to say I wouldn't re-join if the membership package was made substantially more attractive !!!. Come on Mark & Ian.....show us what you're made of !!!.
  13. Oooops.....didn't read the post above...Sorry !!!
  14. Marky, I'm not in the habit of helping ManUre fans but as you fish as well here goes.... I know that the Tackle Box in Dartford hire them out. The phone number's 01322 292400. Give them a go however I dread to think what the courier charge would be as Dartford's miles from Shropshire.....£20 maybe ???. Gadget
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