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  1. Thanks Phil - Glad its not me. Was beginning to think that I was getting it all wrong with the Brownies. Went Sea Trout fishing last week at Widehaugh (nr Corbridge) and had a large Chub of all things at around 9:30pm. Didn't weigh it but I estimate it at around the 2lb mark. Came as a bit of shock.
  2. I am currently fishing the South Tyne around Haydon Bridge (nr Hexham Newcastle) for Brownies. All I seem to be picking up is very small trout around 4-5 inches maximum (little fingerlings)....and lots of them. I am fishing in the main North Country Spiders (Partridge and Orange etc) with a team of three flies and at times I'm getting 2 at a time. Which is more like Makeral fishing and the little buggers are everywhere This is really my first season on the South Tyne and I need some advice as what to do - surely this is not the standard for the Brownies in this river? I am not driven just for big fish but a few nearer the 1/2 lb mark would be nice.....What am I doing wrong or any tips as to where the bigger ones are holding up Been told to move away from small flies as the bigger ones just don't bother rising for them? Trouble is tried nymphs/bugs but on these boulder strewn freestone rivers I'm constantly getting snagged up. Any help would be appreciated. Steve
  3. Managed to get a copy through an out of print book seller in the States. Cost me £96 though but I've seen it selling for twice that in some UK online book sellers. With this popularity I wonder why he doesn't do a reprint......then again, it would probably take sales away from the Oliver Edwards DVDs.
  4. Thanks for the information. I will see what info if any I can get through the Fly Dressers Guild about the Morpeth group.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Fly Tying/Dressing club or group that meets in or around the Newcastle (Hexham/Brampton) area? I have just started tying and would like to meet up in a group to learn more and discuss all the ideas bouncing around in my head - at the moment I only have books, the internet and the odd video. Regards Steve
  6. Anyone know where I could get a copy of Oliver Edwards Flytying Masterclass Book as I've tried most of the common places and no luck. Anyone considering selling a copy? I have heard its the book to get when learning to fish and tie North Country Spiders Regards Steve
  7. Had a day on the Haltwhistle river stretch with a friend on Good Friday after buying a dayticket. Walked for miles and enjoyed it even if no fish for us. Tried teams of three Spiders but we ended up dropping back to a team of two in an attempt to beat the wind as with 5wt lines it was giving us some challenges. Water was really cold so no surprise there really with all the snow recently melting and working its way in to the river. Please excuse my ignorance but when does the Haltwhistle river beat usually wake up a bit as this is my first season on rivers? Steve.
  8. Thanks for all your help on this one. Steve
  9. Thank you for all of your help. I will keep tracking it down. Steve
  10. Can anyone tell me why are posts taking so long to appear? I replied to a posting on one of my threads but it hasn't appeared even though my number of posts counter went up.
  11. Hi Tony, where are you located as your avatar area says Kent which has confused me a little. I know Phil in the Allendale Post Office so will have a chat with him later tonight and see what I can find out.
  12. Has anyone any experience of fishing either the East Allen (near Allendale, Northumberland) or the West Allen which runs close by? The East Allen runs behind my house and looks inviting for some intermate fishing even if the water is low at times. I have been told that both the East and West Allen hold brown trout even though I've never seen any or my many walks along the banks. I've never seen anyone fishing the East Allen but I'm told that browns are about, I just don't know where to start or who controls the rights. I've also been told about some waterfall pools on the West Allen that can hold fish (areas seen on map but not personally). Hope someone can shed light on these minor rivers as it would be nice to have gentle fishing right behind my house. Steve.
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