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  1. Jerry, I am really struggling to organise this predator fishing trip to Holland, I really need some information on guides and location. If you have tried to email me though my profile then the email address is wrong. If you can help me please get in touch at [email protected]
  2. Jerry, I would be pleased to hear any information on both location and tactics for a trip to Holland Pike Perch and Zander fishing. Me and My mate are looking to book somewhere fairly soon. We would also like to have a guide for at least part of our trip. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Jerry, its only in the early stages of planning at the moment. Thanks very much for your offer of help. As for where we would be fishing, I havent a clue. I have no experiance of fishing in Holland at all so I would need to find out where would be best to go, maybe you could give me an Idea. As for accomodation, we would most likely stay in a bed and breakfast or similar. Thanks Paul
  4. Hi Jerry, Me and a Friend would like to come over to Holland next year to fish for mainly Pike and Zander. Could you give us any help with locations, i.e. places to fish, We would be fishing with lures and deadbaits. There dosent seem to be much information on the internet about fishing in Holland but form what I have seen the predator fishing looks very good, although we would probably need a guide? Thanks Mally
  5. Might go chub stalking! Then I've got a three day holiday (monday tuesday wednesay) fishing the yorkshire rivers for barbel and chub!
  6. UK fishing Tackle, do you mean the place at Kirton, Willow bank fisheries? Just wondering because I was thining about having a go for a cat and as such went to have a look round the fishery. When I got back to the car having had a look round I was approched by a Man from across the car park with a very determined look about him. The conversation went somthing like this, Said man: Can I help you (aggressive manner) Me: Not really, I've just been for a look round the ponds because I was thinking about coming and fishing. Man: Well there my ponds, i'm the owner. Me: Ok. Ma
  7. Just a thought but why dont you have a look at the shelter/shelter delux from Millets, the delux version cost about £20 and it is basically like a small shelter with a front door on it (the delux part is the front door) they come in green as well and look ideal for fishing, I have just bought one but I havent used it yet.
  8. Same as above, If you have a Meadow mouse and any surface lures then I'm intrested. Cheers Mally
  9. So this 'brilliant' attacking french team that deserved to win, where abouts were there attacks, all they did was repeatedly cross the ball into our box and we headed it away! Both there goals were from static ball situations, we created as many chances as they did. We played well and our players left the pitch with there heads held high and rightly so, they played well and only lost through bad luck. By far worse was our defeat by the All Blacks, who, much as it pains me to admit it, were awesome!
  10. The current perch record came from a comercial carp water, I would say 99% of carp fisheries have perch in them, and most of the have big perch!
  11. Thanks for the info, Just have to find out what a two hook clipped down rig is not, but no doubt there will be diagram somewhere on the net, I'll have a look at your site later, off for me lunch, night shift!
  12. Thanks for the reply Macky, Where abouts on the Humber wall though as there is pretty much a wall along most of its length, are you talking about down at Stallinbrough? WOUld you use a rig with the lead tied to the bottom and two hooklenghts coming off the mainline furthere up using somthing like ragworm for bait?
  13. Hi Everyone, I've done a little bit of sea fishing in the past when I lived in Scotland for two years but now I'm back home and this summer/winter I would like to getting out and do a bit, I live very close to the Humber but upstream (if thats the right term) of Barton, Can anyone recommend anywhere in this area to fish? I understand that under the Humber Bridge is quite a good spot, If so what would I be catching and how would you fish it and on what tides? I'm not to bothered about what I catch but a chance of somthing to take home and eat at the end of the day would be nice! [ 15
  14. Thanks for that Tyke, We never did get round to either that Bain Session or having a go on my club water for the Tench. Hows things going with your fishing anyway, did you get to the bain yourself? I had a Crap season, didn't get out nearly as much as i would have liked, and failed miserably on the barbel/trent front.
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