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  1. 14.35. Bright sunshine interspersed with snow showers now.
  2. Around a foot in Cornwall this morning, and more to come ....
  3. 5.00 PM. Finally reached West Cornwall. Around 2 inches in last hour. Obviously lots more to come ... looking at that sky !
  4. West Cornwall .. 11am. Blue skies. Bright sunshine. Very cold. Holding my breath ....
  5. 10.30 PM Very cold here in Cornwall .. -6 predicted overnight. No snow as yet ....
  6. If you turn it the other way up, and sharpen the inside edge .. Lopping tree branches ? (By hook or by crook). Or sharpen the outside edge ... A whale blubber knife ?
  7. Nearly as bad as once when Danny and I travelled over 100 miles for him to take some shots that he had been planning for some time only to find upon arrival that he had forgotten to load his camera with a 4GB microdrive, and he had no spare CFs on him !! No pictures that day !! T*sspot indeed !!
  8. "I hereby dedicate my Photographic Diary of Australia in Dannys memory,thanks for everything Danny" Thank you very much for that Snatcher. I know that when you first started your "Ozzie Adventures" Danny was amused and enthralled, but above all he was very impressed by your pictures and your presentation of the saga. Were he here today I know that he would have been the first to congratulate you on an excellent job very well executed. Susan.
  9. Keep the space bar pressed down all the time .... Cheat ! Still didn't improve my score though !
  10. Nice long exposure night shot Snatcher !! A very worthy winner !
  11. Very nice pictures, and even nicer fish !
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