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  1. 14.35. Bright sunshine interspersed with snow showers now.
  2. Around a foot in Cornwall this morning, and more to come ....
  3. 5.00 PM. Finally reached West Cornwall. Around 2 inches in last hour. Obviously lots more to come ... looking at that sky !
  4. West Cornwall .. 11am. Blue skies. Bright sunshine. Very cold. Holding my breath ....
  5. 10.30 PM Very cold here in Cornwall .. -6 predicted overnight. No snow as yet ....
  6. If you turn it the other way up, and sharpen the inside edge .. Lopping tree branches ? (By hook or by crook). Or sharpen the outside edge ... A whale blubber knife ?
  7. Nearly as bad as once when Danny and I travelled over 100 miles for him to take some shots that he had been planning for some time only to find upon arrival that he had forgotten to load his camera with a 4GB microdrive, and he had no spare CFs on him !! No pictures that day !! T*sspot indeed !!
  8. "I hereby dedicate my Photographic Diary of Australia in Dannys memory,thanks for everything Danny" Thank you very much for that Snatcher. I know that when you first started your "Ozzie Adventures" Danny was amused and enthralled, but above all he was very impressed by your pictures and your presentation of the saga. Were he here today I know that he would have been the first to congratulate you on an excellent job very well executed. Susan.
  9. Keep the space bar pressed down all the time .... Cheat ! Still didn't improve my score though !
  10. Nice long exposure night shot Snatcher !! A very worthy winner !
  11. Very nice pictures, and even nicer fish !
  12. The vote for the "Picture Of the Year ? Or has it been cancelled ? It would be a shame if it has. Danny was just on the point of setting it up when he had to leave us .....
  13. One of our favourites as well. Danny and I often used to pull in at the "Plughole" when we were out on bike runs around Derbyshire, mainly to visit the toilet that used to be next door !
  14. Don't know about your mount Elton, but may be worth keeping an eye on this .. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Jessops-Atlantic-Alf...%3A1|240%3A1318
  15. The Shining ------------------------- Entry 1. Canon. 30/11/08 Auto.
  16. Hello everyone. As I did a bit with the competitions whilst Danny was in hospital I know a little about what goes on, and am quite willing to help if I can. I am spending a lot of time alone at the moment and it may give me something to occupy my mind, as long as it is not too much. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
  17. It was 37 years ago when Danny walked into my life. I was alone with two small children, and very lonely. From that point on if anything threatened me or my children, no matter what shape or form, Danny was always stood in front of us ready to take the blows. He was a Yorkshire man and a biker, and they do not come harder than that. I know very little of his early life, but what little I have learned tells me that for Danny it must have been a terrible time indeed. It took me over 20 years to finally break through the granite wall that he had built around himself. What I found wa
  18. Hello everyone. I have just received word from the specialists at the hospital that Mr Wiggly will be released tomorrow (Thursday), and I can collect him in the afternoon. His stay was extended by a few days because the physiotherapists had to impress upon him to “slow down” because he was trying too hard, and too fast. As they put it “Trying to run before he could walk” ! He will have to make frequent visits to the physios for some time. He will still have to use the wheelchair when he becomes tired on the crutches, but my guess is that it will not be long before that chair is t
  19. Hello everyone. MrWiggly has now been transferred to a general ward and is responding well to the administrations of the physios, or the “Panzer Division” as he calls them ! He has already managed a reasonable distance on crutches, but tires very quickly with the effort involved. He swears that he will walk out of there on his own two feet, but the pysios say that he will need the chair for some time. He is begging me to sneak him in some Sausage Rolls and Pork pies. Certainly a good sign !! The consultants say that if he continues to progress as he is then he could be out
  20. Hello everyone. Just got back from my daily visit to see MrWiggly, so a quick note to bring you up to date. He sends his greetings to you all. But his prime message seems to be “Get me out of here !!” He is still in isolation, but progress is good according to they that know. Wounds are healing well with no sign of infection apparent. The traction also seems to be having the desired effect, but they would like to keep him “in situ” for a couple of more days to be sure. Then he will be put on a general ward where the physio's can get at him. And I wish them the best of lu
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