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  1. Thanks - think I will give the cocoons a go !!
  2. There are a lot of polaroids/sunglasses out there but there doesnt seem to be much for folk that already wear glasses. Anyone know of any suppliers of clip ons etc etc or what are the alternatives?
  3. You know what its like - sat there for hours and not a bleep. I texted the missus to moan about a possible blank session so she pauses Big Brother and says why dont you cast to the right and another 5 yards further. What the hell methinks and I do so. 10 mins later !`ve got a 15lb common on the bank!!! Still cant get her to get the right lottery numbers though.......... Anyone else got any similar stories v??
  4. Great story. This happened to my son once and he never got the rod back !!! Moreton lakes. I took up diving soon afterwards but they wouldnt let me in !!!
  5. Fair comment but as this was mail order I didnt get a chance to "road test".The supplier (Fosters) phoned me as I had ordered a JRC defender which was OOS but offered the Daiwa at the same price. The pics on the net made the chair look tatty. Anyhows - it arrived with a promise to replace if I was not happy with it - but I am happy with it - nice and comfy, recliner for those lazy moments and a steal at the price I got it for. It arrived next day so great service as well. I guess I answered my own question in the end but thanks to Fosters for the deal, service and offer to replace if n
  6. I`ve had a good offer on one of these. Any users out there care to comment? Pics look a bit scruffy on the web site. Thanks
  7. Many thanks all. Big game or Sensor it is. I seem to remember I used something called proGold all those years ago and it was excellent.
  8. Being back on the scene after a loooooong lay off Im gathering kit etc. I would like to ask fellow members opinion on what line I should get for my reels. Im thinking 12lb/15lb but which one ?? Im not a proper gear tart so nothing flash, just a good all round line at a reasonable (ebay type!!) price. Im not after braid. I`ll be fishing for carp up to 30lb, hooklinks will be snake skin Any ideas??
  9. I used to fish Dutton flash many years ago - the bottom one, not the ICI club one). Does anyone know whether the farmer still allows fishing on the bottom flash ??
  10. gave up fishing about 8 years ago but have been enticed back. Looking forward to a bit of banter and some great fish !!
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