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    Coarse sea and game angling, mainly with vintage tackle, wildlife, especially otters, Vintage motorcycles, eating wild caught fish......the list goes on

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  1. Worms

    Welsh Tuna

    Well sort of....there's a bit of a loop hole regarding bycatch....but, arguably, they shouldn't be pulling the fish on board unless dead...they should be released at the side of the boat!
  2. I'd be tempted to try a10 weight line Budgie. Once you get any distance out any lack of weight will be obvious. I'm guessing that the numbers could be in feet, 15 or 16?
  3. Those coalfish scrap like buggery don't they Sean. I've had a few from the Irish Sea and they scrap all the way up to the boat....well done!
  4. I have the 8' 2" 6lb boat Ugly Stik, It's absolutely fantastic and my favourite rod. I use it with an Avet SX as a tope rod, a plaice rod, a bream rod and as a pike plugging rod!
  5. .....I saw half of last night's "show".......a bunch of women who hadn't eaten for two weeks but were wandering around avoiding crabs on the beach.....bloody hell, I'd be in heaven! (eating the crabs that is)
  6. Now we're restricted to 3 fish Dave you should have more time to repair your gear!
  7. Very true, I hadn't looked at it that way! Do you use a mono/fluoro leader or is it one of those "some do, some don't" questions?
  8. Blimey, you guys fish with some heavy line! I beachcast with 30lb PP (plus tapered Daiwa shockleader), I tope, wreck and most everything else with 30lb PP and I have one reel with 50lb PP for deep water bottom fishing. I have a big game reel with 130lb hollow core braid but I'd be lucky to hook anything in UK waters that would warrant it! I use a f/s and one small multi in freshwater for lure fishing, both with 30lb PP My PP is rated at the old US imperial diameters/BS, not the newer Metric equivalents. 5Ib is 0.10mm diameter 8Ib is 0.13mm diameter 10Ib is 0.15mm diameter 15Ib is 0.19mm diameter 20Ib is 0.23mm diameter 30Ib is 0.28mm diameter 40Ib is 0.32mm diameter 50Ib is 0.36mm diameter 65Ib is 0.41mm diameter 80Ib is 0.43mm diameter 100lb is 0.46mm diameter
  9. Worms


    Probably the same thing as is happening to pirates hijacking ships elsewhere in the world!
  10. I signed a CONTRACT Paul!
  11. The biggest pension rip-off was when I paid for and signed up to a private pension nearly 30 years ago that said I could retire at 50 but the Labour party changed the rules 10 months before my 50th birthday and told me I couldn't have it 'til I was 55....The tories are changing it back....!
  12. Ayjay's comment is about the only logical one!
  13. I use Craghoppers a lot too in hot weather....or 100% cotton Chinos!
  14. I think Ron's pulling your leg Barry!
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