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  1. hi guys, anyone with any idea how well sale water park is fishing we're fishing?, also baits, tactics, pegs etc..... cheers
  2. beer'n'bivvies


    welcome mate, i dont know about clubs/societies near bury, but if you wanna catch big slabs, i mean big(doubles), debdale resevoir in gorton, is fishing its head off..i work in the tackle shop up the road from there and everyone who fishes it tells me the top lake especially, is producing bream to 12 lbs! hope this helps!
  3. Sunday 8th June 2008: 05:45AM Not a cloud in the sky, the mist curling up from Gawsworth Fisheries Park and Wood pools, the setting looks ideal for a good days fishing. Along with new fishing mate Garath we are both fishing two rods, buzzer and bolt rigs are the order of the day; 06:20, finally set up in what looks like a fine carpy looking spot, after a walk around we discover the half dozen or so bivvy dwellers have had a very quiet night, with not a single run or fish between them. I see a big black back break the surface just in front of me plus a couple fish roll just to my left about
  4. get mobile!, Rudd like bream shoal up, so move about to get on them. The most success i've had, has been when getting them to come up in the water. So as previously suggested maggots, little an often, get them competing in the upper layers, then pull out the better fish by switching to corn. This tactic has worked really well for me in the past..... tight lines!!!!
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