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  1. Hi mate got an old 4 horse motor knocking around somewhere, will try and dig it out and see if it still runs................. email me at [email protected] (I'm not on here that often now) Terry
  2. Sorry mate ,been a bit busy (to say the least !!!!) Where did we get to with the info you were after? Email me and I WILL get sorted !! Terry
  3. Yahay !!!!!!!! I finally posted something usefull !!! Glad to have been of service Dave ! Terry
  4. Hi David, you could try this website Mail2web It worked for me when I got sent a huge email, and I was unable to delete it any other way. If I remember correctly I needed to use the advanced login.....anyway,worth a go if you get stuck !! Terry
  5. Where is Norrie when you need him ..... Mr EBay himself apparently/allegedly... Post the item number so we can have a look at the bid history or do that yourself you will see the highest bid there and then you can investigete further if you wish [ 10. January 2004, 08:15 PM: Message edited by: tj2 ]
  6. Pangolin, if you mail me, I am starting to get the bits and pieces you want scanned, I can send you the rules 1st as 4 files, together about 3/4 of a meg so if you are on dialup like me it will take a while to get all the stuff mailed..... but hey it's free
  7. Hey Norrie...... This is the one he's after Played it the other day with a mate and the family.... typical days fishing, get all your stuff together, go fishing, couple of casts, loose your kit, then it rains......... so you pack up,but you dont have to GO home cuz you're already there
  8. Hi mate, I got one of them.....complete (except for the rods!!!! ) Wot you offering???????? Apparently they are getting rare now ................ Mail me !!!!!! Terry
  9. Flogging my wife's old Vauxhall Carlton on Ebay if anyone is interested, full description there Item number : 2447958177 The reserve is set at fifty quid, and if you want 12 months MOT, I must receive a firm bid for £150.00 minimum. Thanks for looking ! Terry
  10. Cheers Paul, sent a mail to Alan so lets see what its all about. I also know a bit of German (loooooooooong time since I used it tho) I think I got the basics of the item but need specifics for payment! Alan quote: Just love it, you ignore us for months and as soon as you are in the proverbial, "oh lets try AN" It hasn't been months just a while........thats all and anyway I don't normally post........ I need to do some fishing... weather has stopped me going out for mad sessions on my bike (have to be sensible on the slippy roads) so Now I can't un wind Now I'm
  11. Hi folks.... I've been neglecting to visit for a while....(mainly due to small person hogging the computer for hours) He has been ebaying!!! He has bought stuff from a person in Holland whose command of English rates alongside mine of Dutch. Therefore a translator is needed !!!If Alan has any time to mail me (or anyone else who is up on Dutch) It would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance Terry
  12. Hi Roger does your program not have a "wizard" for audio CD? As far as I remember,EasyCD 4 did use that and then drag and drop the files (from your hard drive is best) and they should automatically convert from .wav or .mp3 to cda I use Nero now as I find it sooooooooooooo much better Hope this helps Terry
  13. When you say 'the James Bros' from Minehead, is one of them David? If so I have fished with him before ( a long time back ) and he always put us on the fish... Ah... memories of ........... Terry
  14. ok Alan.... deals on.......... are you sure £5000 for the pair?????? or is it deals off and its just my pc adding a couple of zeros to ludickerous offers? :mad: [ 05. July 2003, 08:53 AM: Message edited by: tj2 ]
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