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  1. yeh i agree with,we all want to get the big ones in as quick as possible BUT dont go mad saying oh my god i have to get in this fish and start hauling him like an ass!! play the fish nice and tastily,give him line when he wants it and when hes played out lower your net and gently net the fish,if he comes off he comes off,there is nothing you can do about it!!! but the worst posssible thing you can do is panic!!
  2. hi all does anyone know if the trout are on the sedges in corrib yet??i was up about 2 weeks ago and the place was as dead as a maggot,there were sedges going but the trout werent interested.any ideas give us a reply,sound.. tight lines sean
  3. yep ive mayfly on my local river,was out last night and from 7:30 till 9:00 there was a nice hatch of mayfly and i landed three nice trout each one on the brink of a pound weight(thats big for my river!!)..i got them on a dry mayfly i tied up,it is a very simple pattern really,just a yellow body with fine gold wire ribbed around it,two yellow mallard wings and a coch-y-bon-du hackle!!!
  4. wow thats a serious salmon,both of them are massive..nice to see there are stil a few giants left,in my local river the shannon there virtually extinct.
  5. hi lads and gals, im back to ye again older and wiser!!ha had a good season trout and salmon fishing this year with 4 juvenile competions nd 2 senior ones under my belt at my local club..anyway does anyone have any info on the munster juvenile competitions???just basic information about it.. thanks tight lines sean
  6. ya the shannon is an ok bream river,there are a few lakes around which have some aswell,google it.
  7. a true angler is an angler that just appreciates being out on the river,an angler that doesnt mind if he cathces no fish just enjoys going out and spending a few hours casting and fishing and if you cach a fish thats a bonus.
  8. you cant go wrong with a hardy reel mate..do you live near the tt course in the isle of man???im big into bikes myself..
  9. ya i was fishing on a lake in connemarra and i had a long cast out and when i back cast the wind pushed it back towards me therefore not letting the line straightin out behind you and the hook sunk into the back of my head..not pleasant...!
  10. ok fair enough,in limerick now you would barely see a salmon in the river never mind a sandwich bag!!weird dream mate
  11. welcome jim.. ive been fly fishing since i was 8 years of age so if you have any questions on fly fishing i wont mind answering them for you.. tight lines sean
  12. ah trout and salmon on the fly is what i fish for...all wild fishing,i dont fish much resevoirs or stocked lakes only wild ones and my local rivers...its mainly dry fly fishing i use,and you can tell by my username which my favourite fly is!! tight lines mate sean
  13. that is true arite......but i do not think ireland will vote yes,maybe they will like but i dont think so..
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