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  1. Thanks guys for the help. We be going to try out Rural Roosts ( http://www.ruralroosts.co.uk/Default.htm ). wont be going till end of next month. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi all, looking for 1week away in self catering place. Ideally the lake / river fishing needs to be right on the door step. It will be just for me and my granddad (which is why I need it close). I like to fish for carp, tench and bream. He likes fishing for pike, perch and roach (all the other sliver fish). So any one got some ideas to where and maybe some contact details? If you have some Cavan idea too, we could think about, please say it not on top of his list to sleep in. Thanks
  3. Just got my self some new feeder rods: x1 Shimano Hyperloop BX 12ft Medium Feeder Rod (HPBXMFDR) & x1 Shimano Catana BX 11/12ft Medium Feeder Rod (CATBXMMFDR) I've nearly spent over a week now, looking at reels. I'am stuck with two manufactures Mitchell & Shimano. I'm looking for front drag system, with breaking line mainly of 6lbs and max 10lbs. Here is what ive been looking at Mitchell: 406X http://www.mullarkeys.co.uk/fishing/fishin...0/mitchell/143/ or 300 XGE http://www.mullarkeys.co.uk/fishing/fishin.../mitchell/7378/ Shimano: Nexave 1000 http://www.fostersofbirmingham.co.uk/st55934 or spending allot more and getting some thing like Shimano Alivo 1000 http://www.nwac.co.uk/products/Shimano_Ali...eel-4920-0.html what do you guys think? or have another reel in mind?
  4. Just ordered my self Wychwood Lugger Lure Bag ( http://www.tackleuk.co.uk/wychwood-lugger-...-bag-p-485.html ) only just got it. so I've not had the time yet to get every thing loaded into it. If you like to see some more better photos. Just reply or msg me and ill takes some shots.
  5. Thanks for the information guys. No I didn't know, I needed to use fixed spool reel. What what you recommend for one to use bait runners or match reels and what one? I do have an old 6foot spinning rod I got in the US 10 years ago, I might use the new multiplier reel on that. As the reel with that rod is damaged.
  6. Hi all, Just got my new lure rod "Fox Xtreme Pike Spin" ( http://www.foxint.com/catalogues-products....&section=33 ). I have got a reel on order a. I've ordered "Okuma Halogen" reel ( http://www.svendsen-sports.co.uk/?q=node/142 ). I'm not sure how going to find using the rod upside down, plus the reel I have used like these, where from sea fishing. So what would you recommend for a reel. In case I don't use the new reel? take in mind my budget will be £50 and using 40 or 50lbs braid line.
  7. Just done my first ever 24hour fishing, normally only do day fishing (24 hours, over 2 days max). I didn't catch a thing, nor did any one else. However I did enjoy myself and plan to go 24hours every week and possibly 48hours. Been looking for Bedchairs and sleeping bags. Ive set my mind on buying "Trakker Peachskin Bag" ( http://www.trakkerproducts.co.uk/cgi-bin/e...ecordNumber=100 ) found a site selling this with trakker thermal cover for £110. OK, now onto bedchairs. I really cant make my mind up here. Found this offer for Trakker bedchair/sleeping bag/cover for £200 ( URL is long, so here http://tinyurl.com/6rdq7u ). I couldn't find any reviews on Trakker bedchairs. So are they any good and what you think of this deal? or should I buy another chair such as "JRC Cocoon" or save up and buy what seems to be the best of them all Nash Indulgence MK4 or Wide boy?
  8. Thanks for the information guys. I will be ordering soon "JRC Stealth Brolly with Storm Sides" will get it from http://www.climaxtackle.com/jrc_products/s...storm_sides.htm as they doing it £20-50 cheaper than most other sites. Did find some sites still selling at full price of £99.99 OK what I now want to know is what size storm poles should I get?
  9. I'm looking to spend apx £100 on a brolly system, all I'm looking to set up if there bad weather (rain/wind) on my day fishing. It needs to be fast to set up with out all the options needed to be fitted, such as the doors (only if I'm staying overnight ill install them). I hear the JRC Stealth Brolly is among the best to go for. Which is better "JRC Stealth Brolly Full System " or "JRC Flat Front Brolly System". I had thought about getting "JRC Oval Brolly with Sides" but this comes without stormpoles and looks cheaper to buy the fully brolly. Does any one have photos of JRC Stealth Brolly, showing it with open front? couldn't find any on internet.
  10. kkelly

    Rod and Reel

    I've just back into fishing 2-3months ago, from a 2 year break. I replaced my carp rods with some Shimano Baitrunner Carp Combo, take a look http://www.jktackle.co.uk/acatalog/_Rod_&a...ial_Offers.html site says it 12lbs line, but I'm sure it is 16lbs.
  11. I just ordered a bunch of these leaders from "Sufix" http://www.gardnertackle.co.uk/catalog/pro...re-camo-leaders They are non-lead, I will be trying them out on Monday, going spend Sunday setting up my rigs.
  12. This is been my experience with my Granddad who 99% time uses single hooks (normally barbed) when using live bait. I've fished with my Granddad on and off for pass 20 years. Single hooks are allot easer to deal with. This year all the pikes my Granddad has caught, the hooks have just ended inside the pike mouth. Down side to using single hooks is you can some time strike too soon, due to the pike not having biting the whole bait yet. He is hooking the bait though the mouth and piecing it though the head of the baited fish.
  13. I take this is Johns disgorger http://www.anytackle.co.uk/fishing_tackle_...?product_id=265 I don't have side wire cutters, just normal ones. Would you recommend I get some? I have two forceps 12in (one straight and one with bent tip) and unhooking mats (got one for my Granddad and one for me. Well I brought my self new one and gave the old one for my Granddad to use I'm using Chub SNOOPER X-TRA MAT). I think my Granddad going be staying well away from any trebles hooks from now on. As I said in another post he normally uses only single hook.
  14. Sorry my fault for not reading it properly, was in hurry to leave for work. Next time ill reply or read the information when I got time to read it As for being a teenager, sorry I'm in my late 20s.
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