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  1. It'll mean a quick jaunt on the tube / overland but the Thames isn't too far away, Canbury Gardens stretch good for mixed bags & 10 mins walk from Kingston station assuming you don't have access to a car that is..
  2. When I'm in Kingston I usually take a look over the bridge by the police station, it's full of big chub - I'd guess up to 4lb's or so, there's usually a large shoal under the bridge by the Renault garage too. Further upstream, where I live in Old Malden there's a few deeper holes, just upstream from SheepHouse Way that hold chub up to about 1lb & a few roach too - used to take a couple of slices of bread down there & watch them take it. I'm guessing they made their way up in a flood sometime & stayed. You can definately fish it for free, usually fish the Thames or Trent myself,
  3. From the glory days of (Sir) Jimmy Sirrel & now to the all time low of last (& this?)season.. Jason Lee. You ever fish the Viccy embankment? Never know where to start
  4. 5 inch Roach, strangely enough a 5 inch roach is usually my first fish of every new season too.
  5. Glad to here bikes are still made there! - assumed when the factory at Raleigh island turned into halls for the Uni, that was it..Try to get up at least once a month to fish on Sat mornings then off to Meadow Lane in the afternoons from August onwards. First started fishing on Wollaton Park Lake - used to be an amazing lake, full of Tench & Bream (no carp that I remember). Had a big spread in the Angling Times around '83-'84...then the old enclosure was shut, the lake was drained, a huge concrete bank was put in & that was it. Dead..very sad.
  6. Nottingham born & bred but now I live in SW London. Fish the Thames when I can around Sunbury but nothing can beat the roar of Beeston weir (mind you it was more of a trickle on Saturday) so I try to get back when I can. Always intend to try other parts of the Trent, but Beeston Weir's a 10 minute drive from my folks.. I used to fish the stretch around Wilford on the Clifton Grove side of the main road, think it was Raleigh Angling Club back in the day when bikes were still made in Nottingham. Great stretch it was.
  7. Fished most of the swims down towards the bend, but never past it, there's supposed to be some big carp on the bend itself if that's your thing. About 100 yards below the weir, through the undergrowth there's a couple of swims (Beeston side) that I've had cracking days fishing on in the past...I've struggled down there though in recent years sadly.
  8. Hi Mark, Looks suspiciously like where I was Saturday morning at 4:30-10 am! Beeston weir. I was saved a blank by a 5ins gudgeon which took a lump of Spam hair rigged on a size 10 hook! I guess there must have been a few of them sniffing round the bait when I struck & got 'lucky'. Besides the lad fishing on the opposite bank who caught what looked like a pretty decent barbel and a chub or two, no-one else seemed to be catching much. With the river so low I was expecting a decent morning in the weir pool. Only took meat / peparami with me though. I will return soon...hemp/caster feed
  9. Nice one - despite walking over Blackfriars Bridge every morning I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to tides - what times / tides would be better?
  10. Hi Pip, I'd say yes yes & yes to those 3 questions if you're fishing a lot in Nott'm. No longer live up there sadly, but still fish Beeston Weir on the Day Ticket (haven't seen a bailiff for years though). Beeston Weir down to Clifton Grove is a superb if heavily fished stretch, though not the most accessible if your ankle's dodgy.. Other posters here will be better versed than me downstream of Nott'm. Don't forget the Vic Embankment's free right through the centre, free parking & easy access via Wilford/Meadows. You're a lucky man, Nottingham's it. Simon
  11. Hi, Jumped on the Anglers Mail bandwagon & checked out the Thames at Sunbury this weekend. Arrived at first light to find Kings Lawn looking more like a campsite than a genteel stretch of Thames riverbank. Went on to the Sunbury backwater instead. Had a superb few hours on the stick, forgotten just how many dace there are in the Thames, plus a few roach, perch & chublets. Not a pike man myself, but given the cover & quantity of dace it must be heaving with them? Looking forward to trotting other Thames spots this season - anyone recommend any other sections which respo
  12. Thanks lads, I'll definately take this on board & venture east this season...got a feeling it's going to be a great one, for the fishing, if not for the Magpies. Is anyone still using steak these days? tried it last year without a sniff. cheers
  13. Nice one, thanks for that - always considered joining Notts Anglers, but I live in London now so don't get so many trips. Haven't seen a bailiff in over 10 years at Beeston Weir? Reckon I need to review my tactics if it's been fishing well, I've been fishing the standard hemp/caster feeder, legered meat.. I'll be up for a session or 2 in July...can't wait. Enjoy fishing the Thames down here but the Trent is it for me.
  14. Hello, I'm planning on a few visits up to my old stomping grounds on the Trent once the season's underway. Usually fished Beeston Weir area which has been somewhat hit & miss (for me anyhow) over the last few years compared to 20 years ago or so when the chub were pretty much climbing up the rods...Happy days after school, rod strapped to Raleigh Europa, wicker basket on the back etc etc.. I'm thinking Wilford & the Vic Embankment may be worth a go, but as it's pretty much feature less I've no idea where to start? Also never fished downstream of Nottingham - anyone recommen
  15. Its the park just past the Slug & Lettuce - John Lewis side of the road bridge..
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