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  1. This might sound a stupid question, but as I haven't really given surface fishing a go before would just like this cleared up for me! Can you put the rod in the rests and use an alarm? Was just interested because I am fishing a venue later this week which is around 30 acres and on some days fish respond nly to surface and other days only bottom baits and some days both. So I was planning on fishing a bottom bait on one rod and surface bait on the other just to see which is working the best! the bottom bait would be for the tench, bream and carp. hopefully Ive made myself cl
  2. One of the reels I am spooling is giving me a poor line lay with less at the top and more at the bottom. Was wondering if there is any way to improve this, be it with using electrical tape on the top of spool so the line builds up on that or another simple way? would be great help because even though I'm sure it is fishable with, I'd prefer a better line lay so it doesn't affect casting because I am fishing a big water with it soon.
  3. i found some hemp in my freezer which I think I cooked then bagged up and froze last august. will this be ok to use still? or shall I bin it?
  4. do any of you change your feeder fishing tactics and way you feed loose feed during the warm days? I'm off on tuesday to get a good days fishing in hopefully and from the looks of it, it will be around 25 degrees and sunny. I was hoping to do a bit of feeder fishing for carp and tench and just wondering if I should change tactics. also what baits work best in hot weather? I usually use maggots at the lake im off to because there isn't any small silver fish but do you recommend any other baits? tight lines!
  5. I went for a walk down to my local lake and noticed that they have put in an aerator (the fountain type ones..if you know what I mean) is this a productive feature to fish to? and is it easy to bait up at such features? I will be fishing for tench and carp!
  6. usually I like to quiver tip for carp ina a small lake i fish and the carp are usually in the 3Lb to 10LB bracket but problem i have is I get a bites sometimes when I lose concentration and these can be vicious wrap arounds which virtually drag the rod in. what I was wondering is to prevent my rod being pulled in if this happened (nearly has been pulled in a few times hahaha) what should i do. Should I set the clutch so it will give line before the rod gets dragged in? OR use a running rig with a lesser swimfeeder weight so that the bites arent as verocious? any tips would be
  7. I have a telescopic landing net but the problem is the mesh seems a bit large and wasn't sure if this would injury the fish so was considering replacing it. firstly where would i buy replacement mesh and how would i knw what size my net is if that is important? also how do you put the new net on? any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. the first few months of the year is usually when I start sorting out tactics for spring/summer time and was interested in cutting down costs and making bulk groudnbait as in long run it will be cheaper than buying every time i go. my intended species are tench,bream and carp. what I was thinking of is buying is 20KG brown crumb and getting crushed hemp sp it is an active mix. would make these into 1 kilo bags so I can grab 1 or 2 for each session. (then would mix in some loose offerings before fishing and mix it with liquid molasses) any ideas how much crushed hemp i'd add to each
  9. it's a pond of about just above an acre and the bottom is siltyish (might just have made my own word up haha) theres a couple of islands with overhanging trees. there arent any small roach/perch/rudd etc and the only other fish are a small number of bream BUT lots of carp from a couple of pounds to 15LB.
  10. I know it is too early for them but because it is new year was thinking later this year I would like to aim for some good tench fishing action. I have caught some on and off whilst feeder fishing for carp at my local but nothing more than 2LB and I know tench have been caught upto 7LB. What I was wondering is any suggestions on how I can mainly target the tench. I'd prefer to be feeder fishing so how to bait for them and which baits etc would be great help! BUT if I have a better chance by float fishing then I might give that a go even though I am not very good at it :S
  11. thats exactly the sort of thing nice one!!!! cheers
  12. I'm in need of a new fishing chair and from looking around I have seen accessory chairs but they are actually really expensive. what I'm interested in is if you can buy a less pricey fishing chair but add accessories like the side tray etc to it. clearly been a while since I bought a fishing chair help would be seriously appreciated
  13. im looking for a small baitrunner for my tench fishing and maybe for bream fishing at night. i'm on a tight budget so if anyone knows any which are like under £30 then that would be ideal!
  14. how often should you change the mainline on your reel?? how often do you change it on spools you dnt use often?? like spare ones.
  15. the venues i fish the most are weed free with virtually no snags. however one is quite a rocky bottom.
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