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  1. Well thank you Newt. I appreciate your welcome
  2. Hi. Well I asked the question almost exactly 6 years ago then disappeared forgetting all about it. I only found this site again today in my favourites having changed browsers. Please accept a belated "thank you" for your help and apologies for my extremely tardy reply
  3. Hi I have been given some fishing tackle in a bag and one item is a Baitrunner AEro GT 6010 XT-7. This is different from the two 6010s I have. My ones have black spool with a chrome lip as well as a plain black spare. These spools are marded 5-8. This one (XT-7) has an spool marked "6000" with the base being chome finish too. I'm not sure if these are the right spools and if I use them if they could be unreliable on this reel. Can anyone give me some advice please? Thanks Willie
  4. Alan, what about the relative weights of these reels? I had the impression the Greys was considerable lighter than the Okuma and for trotting all day this could be significant hence my enthusiasm for it. Mine still has not arrived so not too late for me to cancel if I have got this wrong. Willie
  5. Thanks a lot for your helpful responses folks. I like the idea of the Beult because it is near to me and sounds what I am after as long as the flow keeps up. So does the Stour although a bit farther from me. I actually have an application form for CDAA and then wondered if this was the best option for me. I will look at KAPS too and then make up my mind. As I say I am after something with a bit of flow to it and the Stour certainly seems tempting. Maybe a visit this weekend will help. Anyway thanks again for the useful advice Willie
  6. Hi Folks Recently joined Tonbridge and District and have had some fun exploring the Medway here and there. I will be spending a fair bit of time getting to know this river. However, I would also like to explore some of the other rivers of Kent, preferable ones with a different character to the Medway, in particular though not exclusively, those with a bit of pace to trot a stick down. I have been looking on the maps and notice quite a few rivers around that I don't know anything about. In particular there are the Beult, Teise, Bourne, Wantsum, Sherway, and the Stour. some of these
  7. Hi Alan I have just ordered a Greys Bewick which I know is part of the Hardy stable. Is this reel not worth the money either? If you could let me know fairly soon I would appreciate because it is due to arrive this week. Also if you have others in mind which you would recommend higher I would appreciate Thanks very much Willie
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