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    pike barbel chub and more pike. music,and photography

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I was born in east london in the sixtees. My mum moved up to essex when i was just a nipper. I started fishing before i can remember starting like you do with a woolys rod etc down the local river catching perch and the like. When i was about ten my mum moved to the country near abberton resivoir and i got well into watching the piking there at the weekends. Soon as was old enough i was down there fishing with some great characters learning and watching, Thats why pike are my first love.

I love my river fishing to. And i also have had the carp bug on and off over the years but in recent times i dont bother much with it as i have caught as much as i can with the time i have availible. I have caught some nice fish of most species. My most memorible fish was a 34ib pike from Ardliegh back in 88. I would love to catch a big cat but that still has not happened. Hopefully next summer.

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