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  1. Bill Dance Oh its sensitive alright http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqLbQp4xZVs
  2. On a different note to whats thrown away , does anyone know how much a couple of months holiday down the Zambezi costs ? Obviously i wont be taking 2 top earning BBC Comedians or a pop star or a primetime radio 1 dj or a young actress or an olympic athlete so i wont need to cover their expenses , also i won' be needing a full camera crew to cover it all , but if you could just see your way to donating a fiver we might get enough for our jolly of a lifetime thx . P.S if you join in 2mos you can see Simon Cowell asking you for som of your hard earned .
  3. I know someone who knows someone who once went out with someones brothers uncles friends next door neighbour . Probably most adventurous thing eaten is a Ginsters pasty
  4. Foxes kill to eat , thats their instinct , it s in their nature , put Foxes in a position where theres more than they can Eat they get confused but their instinct is still to kill . An extreme example maybe , but in essence its the same thing , throw things together that were once controlled
  5. Bank fishing on Windermere is as scary as scary gets . When you see the Cormorants you,ll know what i mean . Before you take on the Lake you gotta beat the Black Death . Emma,s advice is good .
  6. Not seen any yet . Suppose its down to expectations . Do you want to learn ? , probably not be much to learn . Do you want a pat on the back & say thats how i used to do it ? . probably wont get that either . Personally id rather not see any or hear about these petty divisions we have in angling ,who's best etc, i used to call myself a Specimen Hunter cos it sounded better than All Rounder , forget the title , enjoy what you do , catch fish & you'll earn respect .
  7. Ive managed to lose the spool cap of my 3000 GTE , dont suppose anyone has a spare knocking about ?
  8. Good report nice pics & some cracking fish well done Natty
  9. Im not joking i bought something of someone on another forum it took 11 days to travel the 35 miles from his house to mine it cost £3 odd to send it just beggars belief
  10. Only ever lure fished it for pike but ive heard tales of Tench not been for a long while now but seems strange the only anglers i ever saw were pike fishing . Give it a shot could be easy pickings
  11. Caster Hemp Bread half of small redworm light hooklength sensitive float Id buy that for a dollar Good luck
  12. Excellent read Janet really enjoyed that the snapped float cut a sewing needle in half a bit of super glue it,ll be like new
  13. Thats what i meant Janet if im float fishing my rods in my hand at all times but if i need to put it down for whatever reason then i open the bail arm straight away dont even have to think about it like i say its a good habit to form try it
  14. If i put any of my rods down depending on what reels on it its instant baitrunner or open bail arm trust me Janet its a good habit to get into
  15. A good read Janet im glad someones catching some fish i think i,ll try & catch a few myself this week i blanked on my saturday overnighter
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