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  1. Trago Mills.......£69quid all in for a 2 man
  2. HI There, Lived in St Ives for 16 years and I don't know anyone who ever fished it with any success. Head to the top of town past the firestation, take first turn for Penzance, then first right just before the large pink building (used to be a nite club!).....about 1/2 a mile along there. To be honest, the ocean is a damn sight closer and more varied, and there are so many rock marks, little coves and beaches to try for Bass, Pollock, Mackerel, Mullet etc it would be a shame not to pack a light rod, some lures and take a wander! Wherever you go, I hope that ya have a blinder!
  3. HI Carl, I approached the EA with a very similar question, although I've been looking at fishing from a Kayak. Their reply was that I am free to fish anywhere on any part of any river just as long as I have a Fishing licence. You will not have to pay any club for fishing, as long as you do not fish from the bank. Clubs own the rights to fish from the banks of the water ie a section of water frontage, but do not own the river itself which remains property of and under the protection of the EA. Of course, with so much river system to explore, it would seem prudent and good manne
  4. frags

    Fishing TV

    I've been watching for a couple of months when I can, and before christmas it was 24/7 for several months on RTex. '09 looks a bit lean so far though....nothing any all realtime, or realtime extra except on the weekends, which is when I work the most Agree with what alot have said on here, you cant beat Passion for Angling for a bit of quintessential British.....always makes me want to sit down with a cup of tea, a few cucumber sandwiches and a slice of cake! Other than that I really like that french-canadian bloke on The Fishing Adventurer with his little blow up dinghy, except
  5. It's a really hot potato isnt it! I know the allure of just driving, stopping and fishing, but also respect the land owners and certainly dont want to be trespassing. As for poaching, thats totally untrue. I never ever take freshwater fish. I've even been chatting to a bailiff and landed a 7lb Zander and put that back, after a swift argument about the antiquated rules of anti-Zander persecution. I am looking into "free" waters though, and I'm quite surprised at the lack of info available.....unless that means there is none lol Ah well, I will keep searching. Caught a nice Ja
  6. Cheers Peter, I have my OS map out as i write!!
  7. Hi all, With the rivers around my way currently in flood, it has been suggested that to carry on my lure fishing addiction I should try the tributaries and feeder streams less affected by the high waters. Exploring these streams is a very appealing idea to me, but when you fish these small tributaries and feeder streams is there an issue with fishing rights and ownership. Clearly, I wouldnt go tramping through someones garden or land that was obviously out of bounds, but if I venture up one of these streams am I likely to be walking into trouble? I always carry my lure fishing gea
  8. Hi Stephen, I do quite a bit of canal fishing as I have one outside my window. Here is what I carry. Shakespeare Trion royalty spinning rod. Small baitrunner reel loaded with 30lb braid attached to an 18in wire trace. Short handled landing net. I carry a small rucksack which has in it swivels, snap locks, packet of small hooks, pliers, long forceps, knife, scissors, assortment of small weights, corks, small spool of line, 1 bubble float, 1 pike float, 2 plastic bold washing tablet tubs, first containing an assortment of spoons, spinners and spinnerbaits, and the other filled with a
  9. hot mug of coffee, some choccy biccies, my box of lures and some new hooks, paint, varnish or whatever, and discovery realtime extra........perfect wet weather fishing.
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