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  1. Do not mix alcohol with fishing Ask local anglers there advice
  2. Preston do 3 wallets and are as good as you will get,in my opinion. Colmic do a folding wallet which is also good,but with both makes you have to be able/capable of tying to the exact same length each time,if you use a board with panel pins in, its a doddle.
  3. Hi all I was on here before,but it all went Pete tong when the computer went into meltdown...Can anyone tell me if Badminton Lake in Badminton Gloucestershire is back on a day ticket like it used to be.....?
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    Hi my name is dave i am new to this site.I would like some advice as to where to fish for Bream in Ireland .I am hoping to go in May or June 2009.Any advice from someone who has been and 'sacked up' would be welcome. Thanks
  5. for general float fishing you cannot beat maxima if you have problems with it sinking use a spray to make it float.i have used maxima for years and find it a good all round robust line,but slightly thicker in diameter than others.3lb line to 1 an a half pound hooklengths is good.
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