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  1. thats a nice looking carp! Not quite the tench!!!
  2. some great looking tench there. Can wait to get some tench action on the float soon Never caught one yet so really looking foward to catching one!
  3. Congrats. Only been a member a short while but in that time its been a great experience. A really friendly & well built forum. I raise my tins of magners to you
  4. its my first full season back into angling again and cant wait to get back down on the rivers. After work & weekends... :)
  5. be intrested to see how you get on. I have always though about using them but havent ever got around to it. Have heard that the slugs are ment to be good for big chub!
  6. Thats one rubish test curve!!! LOL! Nice fish though!
  7. Thats cool. Will go have a word with the chap in there at the weekend... Did you buy the chair from them or was it just them happy to do business?!
  8. Thanks. Mailed them so will await a reply
  9. I recently brough a Pro logic chair from ebay. Got it for a good price because the adjuster knob on the side was missing. Does anyone have any idea when i might be able to get one of these from? Cant seam to find any on ebay? Thanks Mark
  10. Hi, Does this lake have a name or what ticket is it on?! Thanks
  11. Got every size hook & style from the new drennan hook range. These are all spade end & barbless so really useful hooks. I won 4000 of them so i have had what i need and given a few to friends. Looking to trade a few for anything that people would like to swap or trade. Would like a 2.25 - 2.75lb T/C carp rod or of similar things or maybe just a few packs for smaller things. If you have anything to trade please reply and we can talk. Thanks ForZiE
  12. Went out Sunday with a mate to the local lakes Milton pools! Went with a friend of mine! Started of really good. Got me carp rod set out there with a double bollie and PVA bagging so all new to me but wanted to try them and setup the bite alarm. Then setup my quiver tip with the feeder. So both rods out and my mate was still trying to Tye his hook on! Then he forgot to add the feeder aswell so by this point hes getting stressy!!! So after around an hour i pulled in a nice couple of oz roach. Which i was happy with. They my mate got a top class birds nest going on so had to try and sort tha
  13. Nothing to serious! maybe just a niced mixed bag and a average carps would be nice. Just tackling a different area really and getting back into the swing of fishing!
  14. thanks for the reply. Was just wondering if anyone had been before and found anything working well down there or a good spot to tuck into?!
  15. Nice write up and a really good read! I like the expression 'being water licked' aswell! I seam to be better at that than catching fish all together some days! Does give you more bite for next time though!
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