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  1. not sure I understand the problem ..... bell housing not spinning true ? is that right or is there an issue with line tangles ? ....... ok, take it apart and clean it might be my first step ... don't overload the spool with line - it's not like a fixed spool reel -if you put the line right up to the spool rim you are going to get tangles .... but - a few years ago I bought a 704 with distortion on the bell housing ie it looke dlike it was wobbling - took it back to the shop who said 'we get one or two like this it's the way they pack em in when they ship 'em' .... !
  2. john wilson avon quiver .... bought about three years ago so it's the one with the 2ft extension piece ie does 11ft and 13ft and cost £80 ..... intermission of two years due to operation and recovery .... used it once and once only so immaculate condition .... I'm not too keen on it despite 'everyone' saying how good they are .... so here it is for sale at £45 ... location Cambridgeshire, collect only, email me at [email protected]
  3. and somewhere I seem to remember reading that bill clinton ditched one of the regulatory measures .... and as usual common sense was nowhere to be seen .....
  4. ok ... I'm going to be out of step with evrybody and carry on using my nikon ..... I suppose that part of the problem is that I started off life doing four years in an industrial photographic department in the early 60' s ..... so pics get composed carefully and each one is 'good' ... over the years they've got boxed and filed and every so often get reviewed .... gee was I that thin in 1967 ???? ..... anyway if youre ever down offord and see a short beared ancient wandering round with a nikon and tele - c'est moi !
  5. erm .... anyone else a 35mm film user ? ..... have had a digital for a few years but much happier with my old nikon and tele .... with the digital I found that I was taking the pics but not saving or printing the photos ... seems a bit pointless so I reverted to the old nikon .... at least I get them printed !
  6. I suspect ideas like this are born from there being 'plenty of money about' ..... but there isn't ..... we're in a recession which I suspect will deepen ..... no money about so idea will founder or only get a modest take up ..... unless the current government decides to make it mandatory .... which with these people they might .......
  7. thanks for the welcome - it looks a great site ...... a quote from Elton - 'after 60 years you should be starting to get the hang of it all' ....... ?........ there are times when I wonder if I know anything .... !
  8. Hi everyone ...... I'm just a bit 'aged' .... been fishing (on and off) for around sixty years ..... these days on the gt ouse at offord and further thro to wyboston ..... traditional float and leger fisherman using closed face and centrepin mostly with occasional forays into feeder and pole fishing .... its not quite there yet but 'happy new year' !
  9. reading this I picked up a few ideas for sources of chenille ..... however, I bought some from Daiwa a few years ago since I use a Daiwa 123 ... seem to remember using same for one of the abu's I've got .....
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