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  1. Going back years I saw a post about the Tony Miles Barbel supreme.

    did you get to the bottom of it ? I co owned company and designed that rod

  2. Try a thermal onesie. Put 'normal' clothes on top so that you can say dry and don't look like a Minion. Bingo. Just don't stay out so long that you need to go to the toilet. More seriously, I agree about trout fishing gear they do make a better range but it is very expensive. I am a small guy, and most angling clothing available is way too big. I once bought something from Angling Direct - allegedly 38 chest - you could have got two of me inside it. Try Decathlon. Their outdoor gear is much better than most coarse fishing stuff. A pair of skiing trousers for instance. Not designed for anglers, and doesn't have loads of pockets, but it's warm dry, reasonably well made, and cheap. Just avoid the luminous yellow!
  3. the name crayfish can mean so many different species of crustacean, it is difficult to determine what the rules mean, or what species are in the packet without using scientific names. The supermarket bought ones could be anything from crawdads to a white clawed. Personally, I don't like using cooked prawns, or crayfish tails - it seems a little artificial to me. Completely irrational. I've caught perch, chub and pike on raw prawns, but they are hellish expensive. Some prawns are so big, that a tail would be the same size as a young crayfish. I've free-lined a few large prawn tails on rivers and caught chub, they hit it with a right bang. I'm sure perch would too. As to the moving question, yes, I'm sure a twitched one would be more attractive. Not moving, just inched occasionally. it also ensures you are in contact - essential for detecting those perch bites before it gets swallowed. I mainly fish rivers, and I've caught perch while retrieving a free-lined worm - they've chased it upstream. Only ever smallish ones though, half a pound or so. Pike too, but that's probably more obvious. I'm not sure about perch behaviour in a stillwater, but no reason to assume any difference. I've caught them on a moving fly in a lake when fishing for trout. Mike
  4. Lovely reels, not used one in a while, but then I haven't been fishing for a while. Jigotai brought a few samples along to an AN fish-in a few year's back. I had a spin, and quick trot. Lovely. I used to have loads of pins, now down to three. Kids cost me a fortune. Mike
  5. Oh dammit, it seems to have uploaded three times again..
  6. Thanks for cheering me up and making me laugh on my morning commute through a dark rainy morning and a packed train to London. Thanks for cheering me up and making me laugh on my morning commute through a dark rainy morning and a packed train to London. Thanks for cheering me up and making me laugh on my morning commute through a dark rainy morning and a packed train to London.
  7. Nice fishing. I really must get out as I haven't been since July, fly fishing. Mind you it was the River Wylye - one of the more beautiful waters in the UK and I got some good trout to 3lb on dry fly. Family commitments - kids, overworked wife and elderly parents 3 hours drive away mean that I just don't have the time. The next best thing is seeing what everyone else is doing. Might get out in the New Year. Small stream chub beckon for me....
  8. Nice catch. Always nice to see a netful of roach. According to the red top angling magazines they were due to be extinct by now, along with river fishing generally. I think Angling Times said that rivers would be devoid of anglers by 2015. Mike
  9. Apologies for the blatant plug, but I would want my fellow anglers net members to know that have a copy of the above for sale on eBay if interested... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-Signed-Angling-Book-CHEVIN-Chub-Study-Group-HB-DJkt-Mint-/131675040138
  10. I have two. One better than the other. PM me and I'll send you photos. I'm going to restore one, so can let one go. You can decide which, but both are usable. Mike
  11. I've had a similar experience, but with a gudgeon. It's also happened with a trout that took a tiny grayling. Mike
  12. I once caught a gudgeon on a very small mepps with a red wool tail. Hooked cleanly through the bottom lip, so did chase and take. I can only assume it was taken for bloodworm. Smallest fish I can recall that made me smile. The only other I can recall was a Ruffe caught from shakerley mere in Cheshire, bitterling from a pond in Cleveleys near Blackpool and a tiny pogge I caught in the sea from a kayak. Probably other tiny fish I've caught - had loads while dipping with a net but they don't count - but they are the most memorable. Mike
  13. I have a photo on my wall that seems very similar to number 4. It's not quite the same, but superimpose a newt and you would have a potential winner... Mike
  14. You need to season it - like wood. it also depends on the species. Phyllostachis is excellent. I grow the black variety. I've seasoned some outside for two years and it's as hard as tropical hardwood, with a natural shiny coating, like lacquer.
  15. I've grown some serious bamboo in my garden! i have signed up to that forum, but keeping up with two posts is a faff. if I don't succeed on here then I will go there. Mike
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