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  1. Working on www.total-fishingclub.com and keeping Anglingforums and the Intersite Series going. Lost my password etc when all the eails changed at work etc, new emails at home. The Avatar is now getting old must look for fresh design.
  2. Good afternoon Gray I am back having a look around......... Still looking good.
  3. Hi Polly after the banter over the last few years and that footy team of yours. You win my boys are finished
  4. 35mins to my own waters, Last years Intersite Series over 1200 miles then the odd trip the Bala and the Lakes
  5. Very interesting stuff, but they do have a big problem in Oz. As to this being to correct method of Control ?? only time will tell
  6. About the same price as one of Clinicalgroovers CD/'s Priceless
  7. Hi Chesters many moons ago and very long time ago my first reel was one of these contraptions I think it was a French make but only had half a bail arm?
  8. Well Polly is see your boys got off to a FLYING RED CARD START
  9. Posh and Becks are sitting in front of the television watching the six o'clock news. The main story is a man threatening to jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge on to the busy road below. Posh turns to Becks and says: "David, I bet you £5,000 that he jumps!" to which Beckham replies "£5,000? Done! I bet that he doesn't." So they shake hands on the bet and continue watching. Sure enough, the man jumps and hits the road below with a loud thud. Beckham takes £5,000 out of his back pocket and hands it to Posh. But she refuses. "I can't take your money, David," she says. "The truth is,
  10. Hi Polly, Congratulations. Hope you have a good day. "I see my boys did the biz again at Cardiff"
  11. MONITORING FLY LIFE ON OUR RIVERS The Salmon & Trout Association was established in 1903 principally because of concern over the Industrial Revolution’s impact on our rivers and streams and to represent the interests of game fisheries throughout the British Isles. Now in their 100th Year their fight to reverse environmental degradation remains as strong as ever. A recent Fly Life Survey of Southern Chalk Streams, conducted by Allan Frake, of the Environment Agency and Peter Hayes of the Wiltshire Fishery Association, highlighted a serious decline in aquatic fly abundance mainly i
  12. Out on the banks Sunday evening 32degC at 4-30pm in deepest Cheshire. 28degC on the way home at 10-30pm.
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