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  1. Just hope that ALL the money from the fine gets put back to making the Wandle right again... I don't see how the 'early' guilty plea should have been taken into account seeing as they failed to report it straight way and chose to 'deal' with it 'internally' first.... in my opinion another way of saying 'cover it up'. The fine should have been doubled...IMHO
  2. Caught .. An eventfull day in the 1980's on the Rochdale canal opposite the [now gone] Shopping Giant supermarket in Failsworth A rucksack full of barcode readers A tiny jack pike about 2" long stuck inside a milk bottle that came floating past me. Two supermarket trolleys A 3 pronged steel grappling hook with about 25 ft of rope still attached ..and no fish, bar the baby pike... Rochdale canal again 1980's .. stretch near the River Irk 'underpass' A dead jack Russell and a section of telegraph pole .. and no fish Huddersfield Narrow ca
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